Monday, December 9, 2013

Picture Overload!

Hey Guys, since my finals are so spread out this week I have sometime before I start studying and writing finals. So here are some pics I forgot to post and new pics from the pass two months (Nov./ Dec.). I did a lot stuff these months, hope you enjoy. Plus I have some videos footage I might upload to my YouTube account since I don't really trust much of the other video players. While my boyfriends in japan for like 3weeks (freak'n jelly) that I'm going to be working out probably get another gym pass and burn 200 cal on the elliptical that now I love to hate and eating vegan, it's really hard to be vegan in winter but it best way to loss weight hopefully this will be the charm.

Tune In Tokyo Back to School Event
I was so happy to see them again back in Lil Tokyo they even gave me there CD
Love these Girls
 Of course I went to Soul Food Event and it was so pack this year.

 My Mom Taking Pictures with Fox News Crew

 Then I went to Machinima Interactive Film Festival 2013 where they had open bar and food trucks Kogi and Crepes at the Iam8bit Gallery near Echo Park.

 And I met the Chocolate Rain Man, Tay Zonday

 Dir En Gray!

 My Thanksgiving

 Black Friday Shopping

This for my boyfriend trip/gift

 I need a new screen since I was using my mom's old Gateway screen and there is something wrong with the color. But so far I'm liking my new monitor and trying to figure if I should build my mom a desktop but I'am trying save old laptops, Dell and Sony, since Microsoft is stopping support of XP so I asked my BF to look at and took out the dormant virus and partition Linux on it and he recommend just up grading to 60-80 SSD hard drive so it can boot up faster.

 Here's my desktop and my boyfriend is trying to gets his graphics card to my standards, I have a Geforce 650 Ti and can turn my desktop into server but I need more RAM(memory) I only have 4gb and need at least 6-gb, right now my laptop is 6gb

 Anyways, I went to see Madoka Magica Rebellion Premier on Wednesday and I watch whole series at the begging of the year but this one is totally on EVA 3.3 level but it didn't make me fall asleep lol.

 Aniplex Guy

Director Akiyuki Shinbo
Producer Atsuhiro Iwakami



Back at the House of Blues for...


Rocket Jump midnight Movie Night and scored a T-shirt Lol

 Guess What Line I'm in...

 This person looks familiar
He took pictures with everyone but for some reason the guy who took it for me but when I went to look it wasn't their...





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