Thursday, December 26, 2013

My Favorite Japanese Gurus + channels

Here are my favorite Japanese YouTubers  and Channels that watched subscribed and liked over the years of being on YouTube. I'll be making this a sort series of my favorite Asian gurus. The makeup community has been overly saturated these days but I love looking at how the international gurus do their makeup and hauls.


1. Sasakiasahi a.k.a Manwomanfilm

I start watching Asahi when she had her first channels on YouTube and one of main reasons why wanted to give saike gyaru a try. I'm really happy she puts up subtitle now that she has much more of an audience. Plus she's good friends with ItsJudyTime. She's the Makeup Tutorial Queen!
 Hello,I'm AsahiSasaki.I'm Japanese.
I make a video of the makeup, Fashion, Hair and Nails tutorial:)
Originally, I used to upload beauty videos using my old channel name "manwomanfilm", but now I moved here.
I have never studied at a beauty school. I learned mainly from gurus on Youtube and fashion magazines.
I get inspirations from fashionable Japanese women and little things around me. For example, flowers blooming in the garden or packages of sweets....
In my video, I keep using beauty products that are reasonably priced. I bought most of them by myself.
I also work as a model and a dancer on the side, but what I want to do most is to keep making Makeup videos here.
Thank you so much for your support :)
and Please subscribe !!

2. Choicerish

When Asahi was promoting Revlon's new line, which is pretty big since every guru was talking about it and that's how I found out about Choicerish. I think Choicerish is an awesome Guru and really love her makeup and eye shape. I have weird fetish with eyes ever since middle/high school. But please go check her out! 

 Hi! I'm Chihiro
I'm so interested in beauty.
Choicerish Channel shares in my beauty.

3. Ekimura

Eki is a huge part of the Blog community as well as Youtube. I don't know if she'll ever come back to blogging but I think she is amazingly talented photographer and makeup artist. 

I'm eki or ekimura thats my nick name that has been with me since my art days. I have a back ground in art, beauty and makeup artistry so I do multitasking in those field for a job for a living but my blog is where I share alittle portion of who I am so I hope you enjoy them♥
My blog is about random things that interests me, most often I feature items that I LOVE and so I started this blog to share with you all ♥ If I do a review on a products on my blog they are always my 100% honest opinion and I try to describe in details as much as I can so you can get a better idea of that products :)

All the photos on this blog are taken by me and the materials are copyrighted so if you like to use any item from this blog please ask me for a permission first by contacting me, Thank you!

4. Binosusume
Back in 2009, I found her hair tutorial videos very interesting because she's one YouTuber you'll never get to see her full face.  Anyways, she did these simple hair tutorial that are cute, edgy, and fun. This is way before Dakotakoti hit the scence with her hair tutorials. Plus she has the cutest dog ever!

The outgoing Norarikurari related videos & Pierre material and information travel and order Gel Nail hair arrangement, beauty, anti-aging health, fashion, Grocery & Gourmet Contact by trial and error saying it coordinates amateur is neither Oh also no.
5. Danceandmelodee a.k.a Melodee Morita

When I was taking dance in High school and College I found Melodee. She mostly had videos on Japanese and drugstore hauls and skincare routines much like today but much better quality now of course. She now works in the media industry with Fujisankei. If you want amazing skin she's your gal.

I'm Melodee, a Japanese American from Los Angeles, now in New York City. I speak both English & Japanese fluently. I am an FCI (Fuji Television NY) Reporter & Director, professional ballet dancer & instructor, and YouTube Artist. I also model for TV infomercials and makeup/fashion companies.
ALL of my YouTube videos (MelodeeMorita & DanceandMelodee channel) are created entirely by myself. For TV, I work as a reporter as well as director for my own series that is broadcasted all across America. The videos can all be viewed from my blog linked below! :)
★For Serious Business Inquiries ONLY, please e-mail:


If you love Japanese Makeup? Gyaru style!
They also feature Happy Nuts Models. 

1. TheGODMake

We introduce the most popular makeup goods and offer makeup tutorials to all the world!
Hope you like our Japanese beauty!

Beginner Makeup GALS!

 2. Cutiech

Delivering the cute girl ♡. 
 Is the Japan's largest beauty make-up and hair arrangement beauty partner channels.
We will deliver pretty girl.
 Helping to power up girls make- up!

~How to Hair Tutorial,
~How to Eye Make-Up, and

PV of famous hairdresser in Aoyama with collaboration with Avex
Cable TV JCOM, Yahoo! is Cutie

3. TokyoInfo.Net
GAL Otaku Makeup
We are showing some of the clips posted in our site which is information of Japan.
There is more information besides fashion, but travel, animation, etc as well in our site.

4. MissBeautyTV
Lifestyle, Health, Beauty, and Exercise Channels

Let's enjoy it together. You also obtain beauty and healing the best with me. If this video is seen, it understands at once. You can be reborn to a wonderful woman (man) today, too.


So what's your favorite Gurus and Channel on YouTube?


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