Friday, November 22, 2013

Window Shopping

Hey Guys,

So I've been making a list of stuff that I would like to purchase over the up coming holiday season. I'm going to include some other things that my family and friends want as well. Oh if I do buy most of the stuff I'll do a haul about it. I haven't done much shopping since school starter the only thing I've bought were some underwear and bras, since I really don't have time hand wash them, so I through them into the wash so end up having throw them away after a while. I've been really exhausted  from school, I am not really good at academia but I'm trying, it's funny when I take art classes I end up getting fatigued because I'm so into work that I forget to eat but get like A/B. But it such a bad habit, plus I wasn't making enough to survive on campus lol. Anyways, maybe you'll get some ideas on what to get your love ones for the holidays.


Leather Gloves
Denim Shirt


Oxford flats
Cowboy boots
Mary Janes

Combat Boots
Geo Grang Grang Brown:

Geo Princess Mimi

 Almond Brown

  Green apple

16-22 inch screen(s)
Neat Scanner


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