Sunday, November 17, 2013

Puffy Eyes Young Cute Miss

Well I have become very interest in the "puffy eye" makeup routine lately. Here in American puffy eyes are viewed negatively since it seems to be to make people more worried or stress about permanent damage to the skin like scaring, wrinkles, gray hair, and fatty tissue. Puffy eyes most often are caused by fluid retention, allergic reactions, skin inflamed by irritation, too-prominent fat pads distended around the eye area, or a combination of these factors.The cosmetics industry's frequent solution—roller-ball eye-cream applicators—only redistributes the fluid around the eye. The roller-balls are no more effective than a gentle fingertip massage, but are definitely expensive. But over in Asian fatty tissue from stress or fatigue that cause dark circle bags under the eyes don't seem to be problem for the working Asian youth.

Japanese Hime(princess)/Agejo(butterfly) Gyaru's "Puppy Eye" of Ageha(young miss)/Dorii(dolly) makeup, Kawaii. . .'Cute, Butterfly Doll/Princess Doll', or into  'Young Cute Miss'.  I like the last one the best, it seem to be a great fit. Which seems befitting with sudden changes in gyaru these day I quote  Universal Doll's Post of the "Seiso na Onna no Ko - Polished Gal" and for the 'Edgy Gals' of Harajuku or should I say 'Aomoji-kei and 'Neo Gal'.

Even Harajuku Aomoji-kei Zipper Model/Artist Kyary Pamyu Pamyu has made it her signature look since her debut/promotion back in 2011-2012. It may also be from a lack of sleep since she seems to be working hard for us fans. I can tell she might be night owl with so many ideas popping into her head. Mostly Harajuku/

"Aegyo Sal" slang for "cute/beautiful skin". And this I guess is the origins of the Puffy Look or I should say it's now official name 'Aegyo Sal' which is the layer of skin under the eyelids that gives your eyes more life and basically makes it look bigger. There is even  a product to create the look which is by the Etude house called  Dear Girls Cute Eyes Maker and Proof 10 Bling Eye Stick. But if your really blessed with good genes you can use eyelid tape to create a puffy eye effect.

If your interested in trying this style out I made playlist and below are some. . .

 Puffy Eye Bloggers
Oh my Little Girl

Do you know how day Gyaru is spelled in Korean?
. . . 
It is spelled GAAROO 



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