Thursday, October 10, 2013

My haircare Routine

Hey Guys,

I' m so happy and tired at same time that finish this jam pack week of school and I'm ready for the weekend. Anyways I wanted talk about hair well, right now I have my hair in a weave and in just a month my hair grown which seems to always happen when I get one. My hair been itching up a storm so today after my last class I going to wash it since all the oil I use to sooth my scalp has made my weave hair oily. I know some girls just co-wash their weaves or natural hair but I tend to treat it like my own hair; comb, deep condition if need be, shampoo, condition, dry, and apply heat.So here are the products I use:
First, I use a protein condition;Ion or Aphogee; which helps stop hair loss and promotes hair growth but since my hair is really thick I suggest you use these shampoos once or twice month since the protein can dry out your hair but if you have thin hair this really great for you.
 Then I use Kracie's Ichikami shampoo and conditioner which I have to say is my favorite set of all time. I had been searching for a shampoo that didn't use sulfates(sulfate lauryl) which is high fructose corn syurp of shampoo ingredients; it also in most toothpastes and soaps these days. In industry standard of the chemical is consider a Dioxane exposure to body can cause damage to the nervous system, liver, kidneys, and even cause death.Moderate exposure could cause temporary immobilize or possible leave injury. And when temperature are added to mix the chemical is easily changed. Dioxane has affected groundwater supplies in several areas since the chemical does not bind the soil but soluble to water. But in the state California under law it is classified to cause cancer. Anyways, I love Ichikami it's rich and lathers nicely, leaving my hair soft and clean with use of floral and herbal essences with rice bran.
 Before I found Ichikami, I was using Giovanni smooth as silk shampoo and conditioner which is also sulfate free line. It does stop frizz a little and smells nice. You can find this product at TJ-Max or certain health food stores and some drugstores. Also, it's safe enough to use the condition if you need to shaving your legs. Anyway, if I didn't have either of these shampoos and condioners I would go buy the Tresmme thermal creations shampoo and conditioner now called Thermal Recovery which was taken off the shelves a few months after it's debut. You can only find it online and outside the states which is a bummer because I tired a sample of it and was amazing.

 Oh I gave my Tsubaki shampoo and conditioner to my boyfriend; he said it reminded him of another shampoo plus it wasn't doing it for me anymore. I was noticing my hair would get dirty faster and scent would fade.

For weeks of not washing my hair due to time, weaves and working out or school. I like to use Paul Mitchell's Clarifying shampoo. I also use the Super Smoothing line (Gel and serum)

Usually before I wash my hair I like to deep condition it so, I mix both my Tsubaki Damage Care with Macadamia oil.

 When I'm not in weaves or braids, I use mostly Dr. Miracles Curl line (moisturize and frizz control) and the newly formulated Hot Gro. I usually style my hair with these and/or Vonte and if my hair really dry I use Mixed Chicks leave in conditioner which adds a nice shine to my hair.



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