Thursday, July 25, 2013

Long personal rant (PMDD!?!)

I know I've been gone again and it's not because I've been busy. I've just been seriously had anxiety and depressed especially around that time of month. I found that all the stress and exhaustion cause my condition to worsen. So I self diagnosis myself and all was clear and made sense that I was suffering from PMDD which is severe form of PMS that comes with longer depression stage. For me a week to two week before my period if I was feeling really tired/exhausted, I'd get extremely depressed. Yes this happen to every females but it suppose happen like 2 days before your period and is usually mild and goes always once your period has started. I also have inherited, Hirsutism which is adaption that some women mostly inherit from somebody(most likely your mother) in there family where women can have higher then normal female testosterone levels which have you growing hair (thick and course) like man, on your face, neck, breast, and etc. I also learn you maybe at higher risk of diabetes but I wasn't worried since I don't eat much sugar or process food unless it's organic. That's why I've been posting healthy lifestyle chooses for you guys recently. I was trying to balance my hormones by changing my diet which I was successful at but I still growing hair and now this PMDD came out no where. So, I read some more on how to treat and it pointed me toward Birth Control as last resort which can speed up process but I suggest you go a low calorie diet and eat whole foods before you choose that so called all mighty pill. I have been noticing less hair regrowth, but will not eat those sugar pills my boyfriend said it made me kind of crazy and let say I rather be PMDD then to eat those sugar pills. I've been taking them for about month and they low dose generic Watson brand and thank god for insurance because they cost close to up to hundred dollars for a 3 month supply but also told my Doc NO YAZ! because so many young healthy active women have die from that pill but can't stress this enough but I advise you keep or start being healthy lifestyle because pill is just like any pharma drug can build up in body and some women aren't able to have kids now because they've been taking it for years without a break which they tell you don't that with any drug that's why a lot women have switch pills because there body has become to tolerate it and now it's less effective. But I know very few women who have taken it for years and were able have kids but everyone body has different reaction to the drug. But do your research, then talk to mother, then your close circle of friends then consult your doctor. Anyways, I'll get on to posting some of things that needed post like AX and etc. 


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