Saturday, June 16, 2012

Shoes and Haul

Well, I went shopping and bought a lot stuff but I wanted show you guys shoes I forgot post about from earlier this year.

I got these because they were being discounted yo to 70% at this shoe store at mall.
I wanted boot every since I saw them on walking down crazy/ artist Melrose Avenue cosplayers wear all sorts of different kinds. I really wanted a pair when i found these. The shoes are the ones i wore to My little pony event(wht was I think). . .yep, there open toed stilettos. Wore them to every single shop until end where walked painfully back to my car lol.I forgot add one more shoe which boot-knit- heels(?) but I gave them to my mom they are for the winter. okay the last shoe is my wedge scandals from Avon and I have a lot of scandals from Avon.

I went to DD discounts and bought what you see here:

My second time I found a shirt with a bow on it

I bought these from one venders at Royal/T event:

Headphones I bought them from DD discount as well for $9 =D

AnimeExpo vender was there and I got some swag of course



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