Thursday, June 21, 2012

C3 Chocolate Covered Cosplay Annivesary

Since now that I'm apart of Gal/ Gyaru web culture I meet these ladies at the Tune in Tokyo who event me last weekend to go to there Founder's day event. The are true die hard cosplayers, They are based right here Cali and go local and very big expo like Comic con. Well here some stuff about them.


Chocolate Covered Cosplay is the brainchild of

Ashphord Jacoway: Cosplay Artist/Voice Actor/Actress/Model
Neko Nivi: Self Taught Photographer/Motivational speaker/Nerd Model
Ginger Aka GNB: Cosplay Commissioner/Editor-In-Chief of Otaku Sanctuary Cosplay Magazine
Danielle McRae: Voice Actor/Singer
Deanna McRae: Freelance Artist
Brittney Angel Drake: Cosplayer/stylized artist/cosplay photographer

A group of sexy ladies who love to cosplay!

We started this group to showcase and empower the gamer/nerd/geek/cosplayer within us chocolate style! No matter what your culture,shade, or backgrounds, we can all cosplay freely as whomever we wish. We haven't found a community dedicated to our cosplay/geek life so we decided to start one of our own! We welcome all fans, girls & guys of all different backgrounds!
Give them a like on Faceback:!/ChocolateCoveredCosplay
Learn more:

They will also have a panel at Anime Expo this year but the details are still up in the air and there is only about week left but I'll keep you guys updated. Also I just found out about PMX convention which was news to me that it happen every year very close to my house (sad) so, am going ask them about that since my stalker like tendency seem to come when really into something lol.

Now about the Anniversary coming up

Starts Saturday, June 23
@ Meltdown comic
7522 Sunset Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90046
(323) 851-7223

$8 adv.
$10 @ door
Get your Tickets:

And if you have watched my adventures to Royal/T Tune in Tokyo the DJ will be spinning for this event as well.

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