Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Mother's day and extras

I bought lots stuff this month especially from "My Little Pony" event. I bought my mom the a tablet and a Burt’s bee kit (really good for sensitive skin for mother's day. It’s funny that nowadays there kids buy their parents or grandparents something they have no clue how to use, well at least my mom knows how use her touchscreen phone which is plus. I really love Burt' bee especial the skincare lines they have. I also wanted to get a makeup palates and brush, so I went with Shany Cosmetics. The brushes are soft and it came with a red case. The pigmentation of color were really ice and both together cost about $20. I also got some lipstick from nix,(Stella and peach Bellini)summer colors of course. At the event bought some graphic shirts and they are really soft (yay!)(May be updated in the future b/c am super tired tonight)


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