Thursday, May 31, 2012

Lil bit of Japan in L.A.

When I was little my mom would take me to this store b/c are credit union didn't have many places close to are home to use . Anyway if your Japanese and coming to Los Angeles, California or just like Japanese culture than Marukai is that place for you if you get homesick . . . but a lot ppl who come are in shock and awe with are huge grocery stores here. But anyways I myself prefer internet shopping for Asian cosmetics. Today there are many Japanese shops and stores. Mitsuwa and Marukai are one of many changes in L.A. Mitsuwa kind of is like mini mall which I really come to love. Marukai in LA County have many different layouts.

My Gardena Marukai store was more like huge 99 cent store but you can also become a member for a day for a $1 or even a year for $10. I discover one in Santa Monica and it was hidden away and I was in haven but of course expensive but they cared huge selection. They had a lot of the brands I wanted to try including BB creams to bento boxes if your hungry and in a hurry which is why I love grocery section. I forgot to add that they have Dollywink! I recommend stopping by one you'll never know what you'll find.

About Marukai:

History of Marukai Corporation (LA Division)

MARUKAI CORPORATION U.S.A. was founded in 1965 by MARUKAI CORPORATION, INC. (Head Quarter Osaka, Japan). Based in Los Angeles and Hawaii, the business began as an importer for Japanese food, household items, furniture, health foods, health and fitness items, and electronics. In 1982, utilizing the benefits as a trading company, Marukai opened the first retail shop "Membership Marukai Wholesale Mart" in Gardena, Los Angeles. Marukai established a unique purchasing logistics, strategy and inventory control which made it possible to provide our customers with great values on Japanese items. Since then, Marukai has been the LA area's price leader. In 1996, Marukai opened the "Marukai Forum" in Gardena, CA. The 45,000 sq. ft. shop offers Japanese food, household items, ceramics, health and beauty products, Japanese furniture, Kimono, and antiques, which offers one of the best selection in the entire US. Currently, there are 11 retail shops including membership and 98cent PLUS stores. Marukai will continue to improve the shops to satisfy our clients and 110,000 members.


 Locations in LA:

Other Japanese Stores in Los Angeles




Rafu Bussan

Momen+(fabric store)


Make Asobi(Cosemetics)

Maneki Neko (nyx cosmetic and hello kitty)

Pop-up shops


*Munky King


*TAG(gallery too!)

Satsume Imports

Daiso(shh it's a secret but there is two in Southbay(LA) I just found out)


Q Pop Shop(gallery too!) shop) (Awesome store from what I can see)

Giant Robot Store(gallery too!)

Asahiya Express



Anime Jungle


I think this summer I will try to go these stores probally b4 summer school starts. . .i'll take pictures and do haul of things I need.


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