Saturday, April 7, 2012

Saving for a rainy day

So this week I wanted to focus on tech stuff. Most importantly computers. I wanted Mac book Pro since I started going to college and have less chances of freely going to my high school and even my elementary (which had Macintosh)which have mac throughout the school since they are art magnets. . .so now am trying to save up because when I started to get paid and drive most of it went to the state and rest to buying new tech stuff lol. Well right now am on a Laptop which I came to find out has out date Pentium which was shocker but not really I got at a low cost but still it's out date since AMD, i3 and so on came out. I really can't trust how fast technology is moving these days. I kind of surprised that it can handle window 7 now that really think about. I guessed the manufactures were trying to get rid of extra old Pentium cores and make them support win7.

Well, I've been looking for another computer because I'm a Graphic Design major and I can't afford to buy a Mac. All the art students I run into are rolling in deep with Apple gear. Some of them tell me their parents just gave a laptop to one of their friends and now even my mom was telling me that a really rich man was giving them away. So, now I have to ask people if you know anyone giving away Mac please contact me ASAP!! So now I'm on Amazon looking for laptop strong enough to download a adobe suite. I found some. I like Samsung and found out that Samsung got sued for having some Mac qualities. But the design look totally different Apple is more clean modern looking and Samsung is more like business modern look. hopefully by June I can buy another computer just for designing like these two here.

Samsung 3 Series Laptop NP300V4A-A02IN

Samsung NP-RC512-S02US


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