Monday, May 12, 2014

My Kawaiiland Adventure!

 Hey Guys,

I hope your having a Great Mother's Day weekend with your Moms and love ones. I try to upload anything interesting before my trip to Fanime and finals. I went to Kawaiiland if you haven't seen me post picture on Instagram(Ash2theb) go ahead and follow me I barely have any followers. Plus I will usually post stuff that will be blog posted here later similar to like a sneak peek. I had a lot fun talking to everyone there at the event and I especially love talking to the cute and artsy vendors. I got to the location around 5pm because I grew up around Echo park area and Sunset lets just say it no picnic when it comes to parking but I got to see them getting ready. The parking lot was not even open till the event did. I think I need to intern for one of these events hopefully when I transfer because people are always asking what school I'm going to and I kind get the feeling of rejection. I'll in the future, I know race is not on everyone mind but an accredited school will save my ass more time than unaccredited commercial one no matter how much experience I have my resume. Anyways enjoy this Pic Heavy post. Oh just like my other post  yes I will be included videos so I will uploaded as soon possible and it may be two. My card on my DSLR filled up so I had to shoot the rest with my phone. I wish I would of shot these with auto focus but it was all manual but I actually didn't edit these pictures (note: some about few were shot with my phone).

This Girl Right here in the Pink is Juile(#smileysquid), she a blogger I see all the time she's amazing, I wish I had her wardrobe. She's on the California Gyaru list I have so go check her out.

 I went up stairs and the lighting was weird in some spots but I did my best...

#Electric Stars 
Her fashions were in Fashion Show and I like me she loves bows.

Mandy frrom #GeekyGlamorous
 Greg spinning on the ones and twos and the Tune in Tokyo crew

 Stephanie Yanez

  Here she is with her model.
 I finally got see Iggy song Fancy lol

I love this truck!! Kawaii!!!

 Sushi Pirate
 Some more artsy shots

 A YouTube Guru you might know. . .I was kind weird because I love her eyes. Charis! I couldn't remember her name because I so excited to see her lol.
 I got to see Rayko perform with Nylon Pink. It was really good!!!


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