Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Vocaliod and some blah blah about E3

Well, It's E3 week here in L.A. and still exhausted from my trip, finals and PMS. So, everyone I know is in up in there getting swag and networking and playing videos games that aren't even going out till 2014. Most of the people I've met and are friends with have connections even my boyfriend cough cough used work for Activision and his friend is working at Neversoft now, doing all those motion graphic... even my jobs graphic designer who used to work for JVC which got taken over by Blizzard... yes Blizzard well she pushing me to go try intern at Sony or even Disney . I'm a lil bitter because people get to play Watch Dogs, Mario Kart 8, Bayonetta 2 FFXV and Duck Tales. Hopefully building my new computer will grant me some add success as graphic designer and help me graduate noob that I'm at to first person shooters. Yep here comes some more stuff I need to buys a 3DS, PS4, WiiU...I was never xbox fangirl...japan had me with Nintendo, Sega and PS at a very young age. I 'm trying finish up my igetc requirements so taken 15 units for fall and spring. I most be out of mind to finish and transfer. I'm poor student when comes to general eds and I get bored quick plus work drains batteries too. Well anyways tomorrow  is the last day of E3 if your interest petree hall no badge required to play PAYDAY2...I think I might just go play that and try to meet The Creatures if they have their meet up tomorrow because I missed them last time since I was working and LA traffic is the worst.Anyways here is Vocaliod event that posted info about last week my ISO on my phone was set high so I got a lot of lens flares so, sorry for brightness but enjoys the pics and I might upload some video footage later.

 Maiddreamin is maid cafe from Japan which will be open up maid cafe here in LA very soon!!!

 Oh and I forgot to mention Peppymiint Cosplay was there and it's funny was talking to her about my contact lens dilemma and it was first time seeing her in action since I've been following her on Facebook.



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