Friday, June 14, 2013

My harem list is too strong

I got a question about "What are my most recommended/favorited harem Anime." So I began to typing and realize after a couple hours I said, "To myself make a post about it because this list is pretty long and some of them are recommendation from my ex-boyfriend(*)." But if your really interested in making your own harems there are gaming harems I suggestion you look up otome dating sims games American closet I've ever played was Sims 2 but they are available to play online and dozen of English and Japanese ones you can play. So lets begin with beloved ones that most anime fans have watched and guess what their Moe and spoilers: you will cry by end of each of them.




H2O: Footprints in the sand

but other hugely popular harems are *Evangelion (some will say that Eva is far from a harem but seriously there's Asuka, the tsundere, who finally gave up him (some say she turned into a b***h), Rei, the reincarnation of his mom, Misato, who lusted after him but has now  given up on him as well, Mei, the eccentric who thinks he spells good(LCL)), Love Hina, Rosario vampire, Negima, High School of the Dead, and*Toradora. But I'm gonna list the other you might not have payed attention to:


*Familiar of Zero,




...Ah, My Goddess, *High School DxD, DearS, Kampfer, *Kankon, Girls Bravo, Tenchi Muyo, *To Love Ru, To heart, Ugly but beautiful world, KissxSis and Vandread.

Also like Fruit basket, *Ouran HS Host Club, La Coda d'oro opposite gender harems.

 Hope this helps



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