Friday, January 4, 2013

Silent 1960 spring

At the end of each year most of us wait and watch to see what will come out are favorite fashion hotspot throughout the world. We continue to go back in time to an youth era that had a leap year and is also known as the "Year of Africa". And you don't get see a spaceship roll through your neighborhood either or see three state pass a law legalize one of the very sought over plants, or see young people actually wanting change for their society(the of war, search for equality, and peace) but weren't strong enough like there parent,the baby boomers, who stuck. DEJA VU!! Many of the revolutionary ideas came out of the sixties are continuing to evolve today.



        I ask my mom about fashions coming out of from Tokyo runways because I wasn't sure if 40's to 70's and she said, "60's. . . Nothing new under sun."(So, true a lot movies today are actual remakes. . . what a bummer.)When in doubt, ask your parents.The 1960's wasn't just feudal time but fashion reflected  with it non-conformist bright colors and bouffant hairstyles turtlenecks that were in vogue.  By mid-decade, miniskirts or  hot pants, often worn with go-go boots, were revealing legs, body wear was revealing curves, and women's hair was either very short or long and look they just got of bed(bedhead). Big hair was still in. By the end of the decade, women wore peasant skirts or granny dresses and chunky shoes.  Unisex dressing was popular, featuring bell bottomed jeans, love beads, and embellished t-shirts.
1960's Spotlight:

Jacqueline Kennedy

 Brigitte Bardot

Muses of the 1960: 


 Penelope Tree

 Jean Shrimpton

  Lauren Hutton

 Pattie Boyd

                Celia Hammond, Peggy Moffitt,
 Anita Pallenberg and  Nancy  Sinatra              





On the Runway 

Facetasm  / Everlasting Sprout / DressCamp

  fur fur / JNBY / Deceive

Naoshi Sawayanagi / W<3C / American Apperal

 SOMARTA / nitz-schneider / tiit
Colors:(pastels to neons to earth tones)Blue, green, white/black, yellow, purple
Testures: demin, polyester, zebra print, wool floral lace; appliques; ptint.

Accessorirs and Shoes

Kpop was fashion forward (2010)



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