Monday, January 7, 2013


I went to see the Exhibit right before the new year and now exhibition is done so, if you missed it than here is a virtual tour. When I was younger I really into learning about Egypt and Astronomy and I have an illustration book about the cultist-religious, burial practices, and included all the mummies from around world as well. Later I took a class about Africa and then an art history class. I like Cleopatra however, there was a lot hype around her. I like the early queens like Queen and Pharaoh Hatsheput more than Cleopatra though, she reign for about 20 yrs and very smart. I learn that the children usually took on their mothers last name which, I found be really surprising and it interested me even more. The exhibit was really nice but earphone things weren't to kosher for me and people kept being usher in one after another but everyone had a set time so, it super crowded in the exhibit. But I enjoy looking at the beautiful artifacts.

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