Wednesday, December 19, 2012

A Very Otaku Holiday


 That's Elly Liang she works at store called Shibuyala which sells Japanese Lingerie. They just opened another location up north in San Francisco.

 There's Ashi-chan dressed up as Panty.
It's been so long since I've seen her.You keep doing your thang gurl.

This shop just opened up I think earlier this year and is a "Japan Street Fashion Clothing Shop" but they mainly specialize in Lolita fashions. They also sell wigs if your wondering.


 I meet this girl name Zoe, she make these cute hair accessories. She just emailed me about this event but I can't go since I'll be working during that time. But I told her I will post here for you guys.

"Also, below is the info about our online store's Saturday, December 22 show in Culver City:
All the brands from our online store are hosting a fun, low key show next to the Westfield Shopping Mall on Saturday afternoon. If you want to have a blast at our "Last Minute Gifts to Love" pop up shop, just submit your RSVP and we'll send you the details. You can click here for free tickets and to see some of the brands and products featured."

Raffle Time!!!

 I was so suprised to see them even though I knew hey would be there and I follow there blogs and they do videos on popin' cooking. I was pretty overwhelm with popin cooking sets and all cute stuff they had. Next time I will buy one for sure.
I love talking to the people and vendors they were awesome especially these two lol
They along with crew of die-hard plushy fans sell assortments of poplar plushies and they will also be apart of the Doki doki Maid Cafe event this friday.

My little haul and I also won from the hourly raffles a Rilakkuma T-shirt

 Also, my mom's friend sister died and she gave away most of her clothes to my mom and mom gave me these shoes and they are blue. 
And the shoes/brand is called TurboCat.
Now I have my first pointy shoes for this spring trend.

Here are other Cosplay/ Otaku events from earlier this year:


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