Friday, November 9, 2012

I ♥ Design

Hey Guys,

So last week I watching AXLIVE and they were giving a lot stuff away. And guess what, I won something along with other viewers threw their Facebook page. They gave away a lot anime merchandise and weren't anime I usually watch as you can see. But if there is a will there is way even if don't know so,  as anime lover server with a little competition I entered until won something.I won a poster from question they posted "Who is the main villain of Sengoku Basara. . .Oda Nobunaga" and got a thumps up for the conformation that I won.

Anyways, I are some posters I've collected. . .

 When I was going to high school I use to see his work every where along with Shepard Fairey. Well I got meet him and a lot his stuff was already sold but I got my hands on this poster and T-shirt and he gladly signed both

 I got this poster about at AX' 2010
and is really good anime if haven't watched it yet.

 Also forgot the get pick of what won from the  Melt Down ComicsSuper Market 2.0
Defective Geeks giveaway so, here they it is. Want picture of from that day link here.

I've been meaning to got this museum for months now and it's the Hammer museum near UCLA to see this Graphic Design exhibition and here some photos I took and the exhibit is huge. I also got to vote on which new vs. old logos workered well. 

This why I love the art of Design


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