Thursday, November 8, 2012

Cyber Mecha Anime Favs

I've noticed now after 21 years I loved Mecha/Racing and Cuberpunk and of course Shojo anime genres. They usually are on the feminine side lol and extremely disturbing to just plain weird anime now that I realize it. And it seems that I like the abuse the women give to there male counter parts. But I do like strong quiets types that just do what they gotta do.

 Oh, I wanted also add I've been watching this new K-drama "Full House Take 2" and let me tell you this is the best drama ever. The the main character Michelle/ Jang Man Ok tries to get what she wants and the men don't back down from a fight. Finally something I can laugh at (especially the ajumma perm they gave the main actress, she kind of looks like orphan Annie) and cry and get amp about.

I also watched this anime on Netflix called Ridebacks. I watched the whole thing in one night it's only one season .Rin Ogata  plays the protagonist of the series. Her mother being a talented dancer and passed away so, naturally Ogata planned to be her successor. But she fractured her left foot while dancing and subsequently decided to stop dancing. Until she meets Fuego. . .

Lets beginning shall we:

Ghost in the Shell:

 I watched all the movies and the series

Armitage III

 Wikipedia forgot to add this amazing movie series to it's cyberpunk category -_-

Neon Gensis Evangelion

 Craziest, funniest, weird and amazing all at the same time and I own the box set
 Watch it before you watch anything else.


After you watch Neo Gensis you should watch this for more weirdness but at a slower pace.

Cowboy Behop

"What Can I Say". . .The opening song just makes you want grove man.

Gundam(Seed & Destiny)

 The just freak'n flows(storyline)


 I would watch this after Gundam

Full Metal Panic

 I love this show and you'll love it too if you like abuse lol and robots duking it out

Burst Angel

Love it and the opening song.

Initial D 

 Amazing O.S.T and I watched the whole series. I love speed and drifting in this. If you want more Tokyo drift this is next best thing if can't afford to fly there.

Birdy the mighty 

I love this Anime, it was so funny and Luci Christian voiced Birdy. . .what more can I ask for.


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