Friday, February 3, 2012

Just B4 My Birthday

Hey Guys, This coming Monday is my birthday and a very special one. . .Am turning 21 well am I really don't know what to do for it i usually plan these things last minute. Any idea just leave a response. Anyways the end of 2011 was Awesome I got see Kyary Pamyu Pamyu @ Royal/T cafe in Culver City (also met Myth Buster's Grant Imahara) and I went there again to "Akihibhara winter wonderland" where they show cased k pop and j pop put haven't posted any footage yet so if god willing WMM (windows movie maker) will stop acting up I'll probably post it on my YouTube page @Ash2theb. Here is Part one of the Kyary Pamyu Pamyu experience:

You there three parts on my YouTube page

In January I got to go see my girls "THE WONDER GIRLS MOVIE" at CGV cinema and and there were a lot of ppl there I have some video footage from my phone but it's very bad quality when comes zoom and sharping when in video mode that my only concern with SAMSUNG focus but camera it self is awesome i was thinking of upgrading my phone and just buying a extra phone or camera which am leading most towards since am taking digital photography in the spring. As I was say about movie it was funny and cheesy but very cute fantastic. . .also we got there CDs for free which i feel like a true "Wonderfuls" lol.
You can watch their movie at Also watch there music video "Please be my Baby" on there YouTube offical page and you can also follow them on twitter and Facebook.

 So, later on this month I found out "SNSD" American debut album which was 01/17/2012, so ran out to Best Buy to buy it I even went and went to their rack name and there was nothing there. . . so, I went to customer service and bought it with a few other things like a key board for my PS3 and two DVD from my favorite animation studio Ghibli. I just got it today 3 days b4 my birthday an awesome self gift to me. So am proud owner of two crossing over Korean groups.


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