Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Best Apps for Traveling to Asia

Here in the US, we love to use Google, Facebook, Instagram and other applications to stay connected. However, what about traveling abroad. Well, today I wanted to tell you all about apps that are a must when going abroad specifically to Asia. When going overseas it's important to at least read up or watch vlogs and/or State Department Tourism videos to better prepare you for your trips. Some people do a general google search and for me I like making YT playlist. Also, I would highly recommend getting a VPN if you are going to countries like China for a holiday or for longer stays. Its still boggles me that it's 2018 and people have yet to do a little research on the countries they visit. It's like just passing through and by the way, your country sucks, while your country is at war or is dealing with sketchy internal issues. The pure ignorance is I guess is bliss for them. Anyways, more positive vibes because we all know how stressful it can be to travel.

Okay, let's focus on Japan, S.Korea and little on China.
Japan and Korea have there own Tourist App backed by there governments. 

The big three apps used for each country for communicating are...

Line | Kakao Talk | WeChat

WhatsApp is another alternative to Google Hangout and Facebook Messenger.

Search Engine Ecosystems
Over the years Asia's search engines are following the same standardization as the West.  China has its own ecosystem that has followed Google to the T. Just don't search for anything in English. S.Korea has also followed suit but with its own flair.  Japan on the other hand just uses what works, I mean why break the wheel.

Other than Google Translate, it is sometimes better to use application that is native to the country. Waygo has all three languages and is available for offline use but it's really an alternative translate for Chinese. I also use Microsofts Translator which is an honestly good alternative if you can't get any internet, just make sure you download the language packages you need before your trip.

You could get your own dictionary but let's be real language dictionary are really expensive. It's better ro buy them when your at destination than from back home.
NAVER Korean Dictionary
Pleco Chinese Dictionary
Mobile Jisho

Where ever you go on this planet almost every place has a car rental, taxis, and a metro system. Google Maps is highly recommended in Japan but others have recommended Hyperdia to check Train and Bus schedules. China is another ball game. S.Korea is using Kakao/Naver Maps to its fullest.
Baidu Maps

Metro / Transportation
No matter where you go on this planet almost every place has a taxi and metro system. Google Maps is highly recommended in Japan. China has Didi, S.Korea you can ride in luxury in an UberBlack, UberEats yet, Uber is still working its way into the Japanese market so you'll be stuck with the luxury and food delivery for now too. In addition, you could download Taxi apps like Takkun or Japan Taxi. Even Taxi Companies are even working to innovate themselves and make themselves just as attractive as these ride-sharing companies like KakaoTaxi/ Bus.

Subway Korea (iTunes is Blue)
Metro China Subway
Japan Travel – route, map, JR
Food Delivery
One thing that amazing is that food delivery is way advanced and inexpensive in Asia. Food delivery is a way of life there and it can be cheap and inexpensive.
Trip Planners
I was recently trying to find a great Itineraries I was recommended a website/app but when tried to create an account it was frustrating because my account became suck in limbo. Well, I just found out that Google has now introduced a Trip Planner called Google Trips, so no more making custom maps in Google Map. I'm really happy about that because some of us live on Google which I don't know if that is a good thing or a bad thing.

If this you need help planning a trip to Japan that here is a link to my extensive post it mostly focuses on Tokyo but I do include a planner pdf.