Thursday, October 19, 2017

My Trip to DC + Plus More [PIC Heavy]

Hey Subbies,

I'm happy to get back to here and type on, here again, I know my blog's view has slowed a lot this year, so if you can please share and like your favorite post of mine to social media. Oh and tell me what you personally like from this blog in the comment section. I know I keep up my Instagram a whole lot more updated than this blog, so feel free to follow me on there if you want to know what up with my life. Okay, so I went to D.C. for my second time and last time I went was in high school in a group. However, this time was with my mom who wanted to go see it since she had been reading about in a novel and we love the show Scandal and Blacklist a whole lot. In addition, she wanted to go the Big Apple, so we did but only for a couple of hours. She wanted to go see the Statue of Liberty but we only saw it from afar since we were stuck in a car and it was getting late sadly but at least I did see NYU since my cousin went there and one of my high school peers is or was attending. Also, the main reason we wanted to go to the east coast was that of African American Museum and I hope everyone even international travel goes and sees the museum because you can spend hours in there and still not be done. One more thing I also ran into some Lolita in the metro and I asked to take their picture.

Here are my Pros & Cons of my Trip:

Pro: If there was a West Coast versus East on pizza then East Coast wins every time.

Con: Road Trips are expensive if you take the toll roads. In other words, the toll roads are the sales tax.

Pro: Love all the damn Trees lol.

Con:  Inflation and natural disasters.

Pro: Real soda is made with actual real sugar and a hint of ginger in some cases.

Pros: Metro is life with vinyl and easy to clean seats.