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10 K-Sci-fi MVs for Halloween

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This year list is a little bit different as I wanted to showcase both the overrated and underrated K-pop songs for Halloween. However, the list is filled with Sci-Fi and fantasy themes this time around but at the end of this list, I've included songs that were catchy and horrific in the honorable mentions. I hope you guys enjoy.

Twice - Knock Knock  & Signal
Genre: Sci-fi | Fantasy

"Knock Knock" is a song recorded girl group Twice for their special album Twicecoaster: Lane 2 (2017). The song was released on February 20, 2017, as the album's lead single and title track by JYP Entertainment. It was written by Shim Eun-ji, Lee Woo-min and Mayu Wakisaka.  In the MV they are playing around at a slumber party, anxiously waiting to see who is knocking on their door.

"The door closes at twelve
Please hurry up a bit
Knock knock knock knock
Knock on my door
Knock knock knock knock
Knock on my door
At night, inside my heart
The door opens up
I need somebody (someone else!)"

 On May 1, Twice confirmed the release of their fourth EP titled Signal with the lead track of the same name produced by Park Jin-young. This marked their first collaboration with Park. The EP, along with the music video for "Signal" was released on May 15. In the MV they try to send signals to win the alien’s heart by using their superpowers but fail to bond with their cosmic friend.

"Trying to let you know
I send you a sign, send you a signal
I must let you know
I send you a sign, send you a signal "

Red Velvet - Rookie 
Genre: Fantasy

It was released on February 1, 2017, by SM Entertainment. The album contains six tracks, including the single of the same name. The song was composed by Jamil 'Digi' Chammas, Leven Kali, Sara Forsberg, Karl Powell, Harrison Johnson, Russell Steedle, MZMC, Otha 'Vakseen' Davis III and Tay Jasper with lyrics by Jo Yoon-kyung and was produced by The Colleagues. The music video reminds many of C.S. Lewis's Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe, Alice in Wonderland, and Where is Waldo? based on the overuse of red and white and the multiple sets.

"You barge in, you’ve already, you’ve already made me, I
You bewitch me, you bewitch me and put me closer to the edge
Even your strange number
I memorized it in one go, Why?
Why do you keep shaking me up, you
Come closer to me
Yeah alright alright Boy ha!"

Exo - Power
Genre: Sci-fi

"Power" is a song recorded for EXO's repackaged edition of their fourth studio album The War: The Power of Music. It was released in Korean and Chinese versions by S.M. Entertainment on September 5, 2017. The music video begins with a narration explaining EXO's new world along with past released EXO songs, then turns into a video game or live action comic book foreign planet where EXO members fight the Red Force machine to get the orbs of their superpowers back.

"Don’t worry anymore, stop
Time is ticking, even now, tik tok
We take a shot
Let’s go, we got bang bang pow wow
With the melody that comes out of your earphones
Shut out all the noise and turn the volume up high
We got that power everytime"

Gfriend - Fingertip
Genre: Sci-fi | Fantasty

"Fingertip" is a song recorded for their fourth extended play The Awakening (2017). The song was released by Source Music on March 6, 2017, as the EP title track.The first music video teaser was released on March 1, 2017. The official music video was released on March 6. A day later, a behind the scenes video was released through the group's official YouTube channel. Two choreography videos were released: "A" version on March 8 and "B" version on March 12. The members seemed to be in a video game-like world, shooting one another with animated lasers but it was a dream conjured up by member Eunha.

"Bang bang Bang FINGERTIP
I’ll aim for your heart
Bang bang bang FINGERTIP
So your heart stops
So what I’ll come
Closer to you by your side
You’re on the tip of my finger
Yes I’ll have your heart, this is it
Let’s start, it’s perfect
I’m already prepared

Zico - Artist
Genre: Sci-Fi 

Zico released an album of his own, Television, on July 12, 2017. The album contains two title tracks, "Artist" and "Anti"; "Artist" topped several of the real-time charts on its release, and "Anti" charted as well. Artist MV is an over-the-top vibrant affair of color and upbeat rapping and in your face choreo. The song is opposite of his first track "Anti" yet, they seem to connected alternative universes through the frame of a TV screen like the Animated film "Paprika."

"People who are about to die of boredom
People who can never be high class
People who scratch and get bumps
People who are gonna kill it, oh yes
How much longer are your heads gonna be noisy?
If you have deep knowledge on art
Let’s draw something"

Loona's HaSeul - Let Me In
Genre: Fantasy

HaSeul of LOOΠΔ is the third single album from South Korean girl group Loona's pre-debut project. It was released on December 15, 2016, by Blockberry Creative and distributed by CJ E&M.
"You are knocking
I am hesitating
When I open my eyes from the long night’s dream
Will I be you? Will you be me?
I waited for so long"
Loona 1/3 - Love &Live
Genre: Sci-fi

Love & Live is the first extended play by LOOΠΔ 1/3, a sub-unit of LOOΠΔ (Idalui Sonyeo; lit. "Girl of the Month"). It was released on March 13, 2017, by Blockberry Creative and distributed by CJ E&M.LOOΠΔ 1/3, consisting of members Heejin, Hyunjin, Haseul and new member, Vivi, released Love & Live, accompanied by the single of the same name on March 13. "Love & Live" has been described as  "youthful and lovely expressing emotions that most K-pop girl groups music has been a theme in the past."

"I wonder
What about me and you are similar?
Are you sleepless over the same thoughts too?
I raise my hopes up high for no reason
I miss you right now"
Boys 24 - E
Genre: Sci-Fi 

On November 2, 2016, Unit Yellow's music video for "E" is released as an award for the unit for being MVP Unit.The track also released on music sites and charted No.1 on Mnet’s music chart. On November 3, 2016, Unit Yellow and Unit Sky made a special appearance at M! Countdown performing their song "E".A week later all units from the group made a special appearance again on M! Countdown performing "E".

"Newly defined
The evolved cell’s in me
Different blooded human that is me yeah
I wanna go with you, follow me"

Victon - Unbelievable
Genre: Fantasy

On August 13, 2017, VICTON announces their second comeback with the date of the comeback and the first teaser picture.On August 16 & 17, 2017, Plan A releases teaser pictures of the members for their 3rd mini album entitled "Identity" with the title track "Unbelievable". On August 23, 2017, VICTON releases their full MV for their 3rd mini album "Identity". The MV talks about someone being in disbelief that the girl he likes has returned the feelings.
This is unbelievable, this is unbelievable
The fact that you like me, oh yeah
This is really unbelievable, this is unbelievable
The fact that you like me
I can’t believe it, baby
I think about it again but it’s still unbelievable
The fact that you came to see me
It’s seriously unbelievable, baby"

April - April Story
Genre: Fantasy

DSP Media released the music video for the title track, "April Story" (Hangul: 봄의 나라 이야기), on January 4 The group also held their comeback showcase performance for Prelude on the same day. On January 19, DSP Media released the Special choreography MV of "April Story". The cute music video for the track shows the members dressed up as miniature dolls in a store.

"This is an old story from time unknown
A girl couldn’t say a word
Even time passed and seasons were changed
She hid her mind which wasn’t changed" 

Honorable Mentions 

Stranger Brachiosaurus 
AKMU - Dinosaur

Badie Vamps

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Now You See Me