Wednesday, August 30, 2017

My Summer Part 3 - KCON 2017 #letskcon

Hey Subbies,

I'm currently working on a recap video from KCON so, as soon as, I'm done I will add to this post or another post since I keep finding pictures. This was my first year at KCON at LACC but the location was ideal for me because I got to use public transit the light rail for the first time in a long time. When arrived I was literally confused on where to go to pick up my wristband that is very similar to what Coachella uses and it was very surprising and different than what I'm used to seeing at conventions like Anime Expo but the staff had badges. The only annoying thing about the wrist bands was that they had to scan them when they wanted to enter the Expo Hall, Concourse Hall, and the upstairs area every time you wanted to access them. I had high expectation for the Expo Hall but I was kind of disappointed, the area where the sponsors were located was very packed with people that I was so annoyed with the lack of space to move around the convention. I hope they can utilize the space better for next year and I personally think the K-Beauty and Kstyle should have been in the same area because I found it really hard to find booths like the straight from Korean brands, SEP and Innisfree. I really liked the booths that had demos and information about their brand because most of the brands only had Korean speaking representatives or had some English as a second language and made some what hard to communicate with them.Though I didn't go last year and the year before I think the floor set up was a lot better than this year.

Also, my friend, you may all know her from the once awesome channel called KpopSavant's Cecee. It was actually my second time meeting her I think but it feels like I've known her for much longer. She thought KCON was missing something and scheduling was lacking and I'm going have to agree on the that but I think the scheduling was a bit messy. At the end of the day, there were two panels scheduled at the same time and I had to choose one over the other because one person who came all the way from S. Korea and who knows when they'll be back. Mind you scheduling at the end of the Con was sparse so they could have made it a little later. I guess it's best to go to KCON for the whole weekend if you want a chance to meet all or most of your Favs but I mostly save my vacation time during holiday weekends, so I hope they can have it during Labour Day next time plus, it would have been a better turnout overall. It was so nice meeting most my favs, I appreciated and enjoyed talking to each and every one of you from MilesJai to Cecee that inspired me to have fun.

This is what I wish it looked like...

Lastly, I had to be at convention center early for the first shift of the Flower Boy Cafe and it was my first time going to one during a Convention and atmosphere is very different and to me a very cool place to meet new people. However, getting into the Hall was one thing. Later, I was pretty tired because all morning was jam pack of things I need to run to like JRE Panel, then the SF9, Girl's Day special audience and around 2 PM I had to recharge quite literally but wasn't able to eat anything till it was time for the convention to close.