Sunday, April 16, 2017

Now That is What I Call K- Rock

Hey Subbies,

I know I write a lot about Korean Music but I've been inspired to do so recently since a lot political news and uprising having been happening recently but in my case every freak'n day here in America and we all know why. Plus, I wanted take break from my regular schedule programing to do something else that doesn't include coding for my senior project. However, I can't wait for the age Aquarius to get here already, 2012 began awaking process, 2017 is possible the second wave, 2023 is apparently when finally get there, and a lot people will pass on because of these really strong transits and retrogrades. When I talk to people about these thing they like "Nah" but according to astronomy and geography we are an Open system/planet that can be affected by outside forces ie planets, moon, stars, and even hunks of rock. Mercury is retrograde, Venus just went direct but wait more planets will be going retrograde so get ready for more civil unrest. Thus I want to talk about the growing rock scene that is steadily becoming mainstream since the impeachment of Park Kun Hae controversy/scandal. Korean Rock just stepped up their game but there a lot band that have been rock'n it out and the bands feature females and males rock'n'rolling but of course they're either are on hiatus or disbanded in the last 10 years.

I have to pay homage to the late great Chuck Berry, the godfather of Rock'n'Roll who is actually the one we should be one should thanking for pioneering the art form and sound that is Rock as we know it. I want to also mention here the one who pave its way into the mainstream Seo Taiji, who inspired a lot of K-pop artists like IU and  BoA the dancing queen of Kpop and she's a part of the first modern Hallyu wave btw for all you newcomers, she's also the host of Produce 101 this season. (Check Bursters' cover of BoA-NO.1) In addition, let's not forget the other pioneer of K-rock is Shin Jung-hyeon who catalog spans since late 1960s into the 2000s. Also, here I want to highlight the Big 3 according to wikipedia, Boohwal, Baekdoosan, and Sinawe. It's really hard to find videos that pre-date YouTube but should be able to find some of these guys on YT. (Shout out to Crying Nut and No Brain as well). If you're not into mainstream K-pop, then you're in luck hopefully this will open your hearts with some K-rock music.

First I want to highlight all female bands...

1. WAX - Fly High(비상)Just Leave(떠나버려)

2.Behop - I'm the best

3.Nia - Summer Wink | Forest of memoriesGoodbye

4. Sweet Revenge - Melo 

Now for the co-ed bands...

1. J-min -Shine | Stand Up

2. Cherry Filter - Orange Road |  Feel Ducks flypianissimo  ANDROMEDA

*3. Startline - Now We Go OnTime Goes ByToday

4. Yoari (요아리) - Do You Like It? (맘에 드니?)

5.The Rocktigers - Come Back | Run Haunted | Electric Travel Come On Let's Go!

6. Very Band (sharp band) - Romeo Dummies | Eye Love 

7. Floating Island - My Room, My Holiday

8. Kris Leone - The End | Into the skies

9. Gogo Star - Broken Night  | Black Joe  | Runway |  God of snowy fields | Lovin

10. Danpyunsun and the Sailors - High and Low

11. Cho Mungeun band (JomungeunBand) - Say something MV | Lil

12. STEREOTYPE (스테레오타입) - Falling

Now for the guys...

2. HyuKoh - Hooka

3. Jung Joon Young - The Sense of a Ending

4. Trax - Blind

*5. BURSTERS - Wherever you are | Lost Child | Dreamer


Enjoy Rock'n Out!

Honorable Mentions

CN Blue - Sorry

FT Island - Severly

Jae Joong - Mine

Dreamcatcher - Goodnight