Monday, January 18, 2016

Primary 2016 S/S Fashion Trends [Spring/Summer]

Before I start this post, I just want take a minute out of this post to talk about David Bowie and his wife Iman. David is an inspiration to many of us and uniquely cool for his time. Fun fact: because of his stardom he was very closed off until he met his wife supermodel Iman. David even for his last album was really inspired by today's music, especially from Kendrick Lamar's newest album. I was really happy to hear he was coming back to music which is literally his life's blood. So, let's take a moment of silents to him...

Today, I wanted to talked a little more about Iman, who a few years ago was pushing hard for more diversity in the fashion world. After the conspiracies surrounding some fashion houses from third party news sites the truth has come light. Netizen had blame others (groups) for lack of common sense or plain stupidity for what, I don't know. Some say it is up to the fashion houses and we should be okay with their decisions however, when there is no drop of melanin representation from those houses it a bit of an issue. When I heard about rumors about the supposed remarks from certain designers I was bit sadden to say the least because celebrities of color had promoted the brand of which I use to where when I was younger and it left a dirty taste in my month. However, the truth is the truth, now free, yet, we are only human, so we need to learn from our mistakes and punish those who seek lies and dollar signs instead of justice. And for Netizens, please educate ignorance with facts.

 I think to sum up what Iman and her daughter had to say to fashion + cosmetic houses and specifically to consumers, if you want change, then use your dollars, it's that simple. Also, don't buy into the hype, which I've become more aware of as time comes with age, and this also includes the reason why we have those YouTube (Tag) videos of "What YT has made me buy." Also, we need to learn from our history/mistakes from Colonialism, Imperialism, and even the history Racism. Many say the designer's "vision" seems to be uni-formally white; my design teachers would call that limiting yourself as artist(s). On that note, note to designers everywhere: Please get people who know how to deal all kinds of people from hair to make up.

Fashion Trends

This season seems to be very playful and classical but I'm looking for something different and I found it in this fashion collection under the name of Ashish, also the name of the designer. Ashish Gupta's 2016 collection is definitely a head turner that Barbie would be proud of. Can you taste those rainbow candy dots? This collection is ready for whatever and chill, and watch Netflix written all over it with a 70's flare of of course.

Next up, is Kenzo with more 70s inspired looks. However, this season was all about capturing their main inspiration of the summer sunsets of Italy. And you all probably heard that small bags are thing now too. Well, don't worry this collection is all about the pouch which was inspired by the 90s fannypack. All in all, the use of primary colors and geometric shapes are refreshing to see.The ankle-strappy-gladiator scandals are my cup of tea too.

 Lastly, Zac Posen and ZAC Zac Posen lines, who has Cali fever with his light weight business-esque attires while the ZAC has a satin, over-sized, and red carpet ready with an 60s flare. Textures and patterns are really pleasing to to eye especially the lace. Also, primary colors show up as accents again here with black and white as staples.

Makeup Trends

Moving on, instead of having one color this year we have to colors this year:
Rose Quartz and Serenity

"No Makeup Makeup" will follow us into the new year and make sure your eyebrow stay boldly on fleek.

Candy Apple Red Lipstick | Blue Statement

Bronze for the Summer | Lash with a Flash

Vamp Around | Pink and Peach

Line Away | Sprinkle Sparkles

Hair Trends

The Big Chop | 20th Century Bob

Cool Bangs | 80s Blow Out 

 Braids (plaits) for Days | Pony Style

 Copper Auburn (Rozen) | Crimp Away

 Sleek and Wet | Sleek and Polished

Chibi Moon | Serenity


Sunday, January 3, 2016

Reflecting on 2015

I wish I had more time to reflect on 2015 and what it has brought me but 2016 is here and if it ain't broke don't fix it. I feel like I've been in such a slump this past few years but I'm glad that their is light at end of the tunnel. A little before the New Years I turned into a "PMS  Zombie" literally with the time change and all so, during New Years "Aunt Flow" decided to come around again "so, productive I was not" (Yoda speak). Well, I did go out to see Star Wars episode 7 and The Hateful Eight which I have to say is one of my top favorite movies of this year. And during my free time while in school I did finishing watching all of the Fate series but I barely went into two episodes in of the season two (2wei) of the spin off series Fate Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya because the over use of anime tropes that are being shoved in my face which I've probably talked about before and their in talks to make a 4th season the only thing good about the show is the art, sound, and action. With that being said their has been a lot high school shoujo romance slice of life magna/shows becoming live action dramas these pass few years which is great but I have say Kare Kano is what I think started it all and surprised there isn't live action for it because I've watch it like 5x and it never gets old maybe because Gainax produced it. Hopefully, this will spark some interest in the getting it become live action.

When I was stuck at home in Zombie mode I watched Netflix's Originals Series: Marvel's Jessica Jones and Fuji Television's Atelier. If you like the Marvel Universe than you'll like Jessica Jones played by Krysten Ritter and David Tennant, who I love is playing the "Gifted" antagonist This well written  and a straight laced show I have to say. Also, I brought in the New Year with Atelier which is like if Paradise Kiss Anime/Live Action and The Devil Wears Prada had baby it would be the this show. I went to find out more about it online and 'Underwear' as the came up since it's alternative title but doesn't Atelier means someone/place who Alters clothing/fabric but the real meaning is workshop/studio which in this case specializes in undergarments. Atelier sound a lot better honestly which it directly links it to high fashion aspirations of its main characters.

Moving on, tomorrow like many you it's back school again for winter semester so, good luck to all of you. Also, I finally donated to Theloveify or some of you might know her as Crystal's Capstone Senior Project, her percentage went up to 43% , now it 45% and there is only a few days left. I know people shame others who asking for a helping hand but there is saying "It never hurts to ask." If you have gracious hands I'm also doing my fundraising via YouCaring for school for next fall because were changing to semesters and that mean prices will be going up but now that I think about that it will be also my senior year and I will have to start thinking about my capstone project as well.