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As a kid, I use to watch these shows that have influence me into the kind person I am today.

I've been doing a lot of research lately about gal styles and what I want to do for gyaru and I have chosen to do Saike-kei, Mod-kei and if possible some flapper-Kei(I think I'll do this when I get older or mixed with some other styles.)The thing is I tend lose focus without a(n) objective and by choosing some styles I won't get bored. Also I noticed a lot gaijin gyaru are finally doing this style to  like too bad Pop Sister has discontinue it's issues. Anyways I saw there was also Rasutakaji(Gals who wear a style of Jamaica) which freckn' awesome bc I'm half Jamaican but I'll try it next summer when I'm beach ready along with Rizzoto( Another summer style, Gypsy style.) On to looking at (before) pre- gyaru that many African-American/ Black try:

is a person who is of African or black descent who enjoys making themselves up to look like dolls, and have an appreciation for the Asian pop culture. We draw inspiration from our favorite styles and give it a twist to make them our own and set us apart.Udoli like gyaru has many different styles and is usually the starting point for young/new black gals.


Definition: 'Older Sister Gal'
A gyaru who is typically in her early to mid twenties that has reformed her previously wild GAL style into a sophisticated, and understated form of Ganguro. Many oneegyaru still tan and dye their hair light brown or blonde but choose to wear labels and goods like Louis Vuitton, YSL, and Chanel, Coach.
Usually seen among "graduated" ganguro/ganjiro, 20-25 years old. More sophisticated than ganguro, with a particular affinity for designer labels and goods. Onee-gals may be tanned or light skinned.
A classier style, very similar to regular gyaru-kei in fashion, but including only sexy or very stylish clothes, so for example you would wear a camisole instead of a tshirt, and heels are really the only footwear.
There is a HUGE emphasis on designers brands, this is really the main point of Oneegal. Brands are very, very important as well as social status, which go hand in hand really. Don't do this unless you have plenty of money!

Gyaru Kei:
General style, which doesn't require a tan, although most gals have one.
Fashions can be worn by both Ganguro (tanned Gals) or Ganjiro (untanned Gals).
Has many sub-categories, here are some of the most common ones:

Amekaji-American Casual = American brand casual wear, includes Uggs!
Hard/Hard Onee/rock/A rather rock-inspired style, with the brand "moussy" in the lead. It has a few similarities to Saike, but without the tie-dyed and the too colourful hair - it's still rather wild though. The clothing has more ripped jeans and kind of edgy tops, rock-style belts etc.
Oshare-gal/: At gals love the colorful and retrieve old fashions and make them your own, with a touch kawaii, that only Japan can give to fashion.

*Mod-gal(Twiggy):This style is retro fashion from 60-70 that can be colorful but also edgy and colorful with long boots and baby doll dresses.
*Bohemian = Bohemian print dresses, fake fur waistcoat, etc.
*Hippie-gal: This is a style that is inspired by the hippie or bohemian./
*Saike Gyaru-Psyche Gal = Club wear and tie dye, tribal prints etc.
The clothes are colorful, hair is generally carried straight or wavy hairstyles that are characterized in this style is usually braids or you can wear your hair loose as it resembles his natural style.
The dress can be used with skirts flying, but can also use flared trousers. accessories can be floral or the classic symbol of peace and love.

I want to become the true Aquarius Gyaru and these style fit me very well but this Style is Dead Trend meaning it went out style(but I think not all styles die they usually comeback in pieces our little by little or with vengence.)

The Look: Metallic green eye shadow, fringed-bang style, and lots of long locks with natural curls are just so lovely.

Makeup is key to GAL/Gyaru or you can't do this style.

My Color chooses: Light blue, Violet, Turquoise, Blue


Outfit #1:
Blue Tank zebra graphic
Crochet Vest
Shorts (cuffed)

Outfit #2:
Dress (maxi dress)tie-dye print
Feather charm Necklace
fringed Clutch,
simple sandals in a metallic hue

More outfits:
Denim miniskirt and jacket
Floaty halter dresses and bohemian maxi-dresses
shiny silver accessories Handmade jewelry, metal jewelry with geometric cuts
A collection of flat sandals, cute sneakers and ankle boots
Peasant blouses, T-shirts, , and button-downs
tiny shorts, tight jeans, and cargo pants
leather pants


1. Cecil Mcbee(official)

2. Rienda(official)

3. Garula(official)

More brands: Album(official), Lip Service(official), GalStar(official), Monkey king(gypsy)(official) Ungrid(official), and wakatsuki-chinatsu(official).


1. Egoist(official)

2. Laguna Moon(official)

5. ANAP(official)

Some of my favorite YouTubers SLOAB(Secretlifeofabionerd), Sasakiasahi, AndreasChoice and Japanese Groups Perfume I think does the Mod style the best

Also like would ask guys support black gyarus. If you like to join be sure that this is something you want to do by participating on the new channel Guy Gyaru-o are welcome.

Hope you guys enjoys this b/c I made for you and me so I hope it helps.Please follow me on this new journey or just pass it along to others.I don't think that I have reached 1000 views yet but I would like to thank you guys for just visit my blog.

Viewers & Followers Fighting!!(It means good luck and keep it up.)


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