Thursday, May 17, 2018

The Opportunistic Red Pill

I went kind of off topic here on my blog. After seeing a tweet from an artist on the internet via Twitter. I did my own investigation. I realized something strange is happening as Reallygraceful on YT would say on her video series. I don't know about you but hypocrisy seems to be at an all-time high these days. I've seen this springing up of black conservatives specifically it's mostly black educated woman which is great but when they are in the public eye their ideology is to expose to be leftist ideas and Democratic politics. Any Black American who deviated from their ideology was an oddity and was to be cut from the herd and attacked." As young as I can remember whenever conservatives talked about a policy not passing to the media they go after the liberals, it's like watching a WWE Smackdown.

In December, I had gone to see Star Wars the Last Jedi and I'm the type of girl who loves theory videos. And ran into this YT podcast by Doctor Honda who practices family therapy and he psycho-analysis movies and TV series. I watched his Psychology Star Wars podcast and it was so eye-opening to why I have connected to the trilogies as a back seat fan. I highly recommend you watch the video before you continue to read my thought and opinions on this post.

Since I've been getting ready to go to Japan in the Fall something I didn't expect to run into was Nobita channel Find love in Japan again. If you guys don't know but I was actually contacted by Nobita in the past to help him with his website by giving a review. When I ran into his YT channel again after a couple of years, he had begun doing these sensational videos that garnered him a lot hate but also had opened a discussion channel for great rebuttals to his questions and concerns.

Here are some rebuttals:

I was kind of taken aback by his negative demeanor that I thought wasn't needed for what he was trying to do. Well, he did a live stream with a Conservative YT channel and this month I am noticing a weird trend to take the "Red Pill." I've mostly seen Black Educated women (basically taking over young white conservatives like that Tomi Lahren), who I found all have this ironic backstory to these black women coming from impoverishing backgrounds, who were once liberals and an event in their life made them "woke" and turned conservative overnight and anti-feminist with a sassy as their middle name. Now, on Conservative news outlets near you like you know Info Wars and Fox News. Many outside of the US will say Americans are the most Individual country out there and we pride ourselves on that while Conservatives say Dems like giving out handouts for free last time I checked nothing is in life is free. Moral reframing is the new word for punching bag politics.

I want to point out that their ideology has changed but they continue to smear the left in the media. The ideology of these conservative black women is pretty unapologetic. They love to use Black on Black crime Rhetoric (which comes with no solutions just some facts thrown) to challenge the outrage of police brutality and gun violence when these are separate concerns under one umbrella (in recent years people have been saying they found crates full of guns in Chicago  but it probably just a huge black market for selling them and police corruption that should be focus in the rhetoric.) They also believe that being Gay in the black community is more welcomed than being conservative, maybe going as far as to say it's racist yet mock the use of the word when it really is just ignorance (bigotry) and social bias. In addition, the use of fear is used on both sides especially in the media as a cash grab (one of the reasons why I stop watching the news). They blame the Democratic Party for (everything) their legislation and those liberals are very anti-American yet, both parties have ignorantly marginalized thru legislation. In addition, if you claim victim-hood or white guilt you're delusional and due to this, they like to use pathos statements like "I too was once brainwashed like you" argument. Some believe certain sports players are stupid for having a political point of view on the playing field and capitalism trumps there first amendment rights so they should be punished. They also believe that liberals all watch CNN or MSNBC and other so-called liberal media, which is so far from the truth these days as a so-called "millennial" I use myTV as a secondary monitor and that will clearly tell you I live on the internet. The same women tell the stories about their parents and or grandparent living thru Jim crow and segregation era, yet we (the black community) should not dwell on the past transgression of the society. They would go as to downplay chattel slavery effects on society and the black community. Yet they are all the same page when it comes to the War on Drugs. Others still believe in that blacks community is a welfare state which has been debunked for some time now. Also, the strange thing I've noticed is they all like say "I've had "closeted" conservatives contact me because they feel like they can't express themselves in their current career and felt the same way for so long." If Black American want to do better than there has been to opportunities for them succeeded that's outside the infrastructure that you think is keeping us from thriving.

These stereotypes have longevity. Studies show that the "welfare queen" idea has roots in both race and gender. Franklin Gilliam, the author of a public perception experiment on welfare, concludes that:
Studies show that the public dramatically overestimates the number of African Americans in poverty, with the cause attributed to media trends and its portrayal of poverty.
"While poor women of all races get blamed for their impoverished condition, African-American women are seen to commit the most egregious violations of American values. This story line taps into stereotypes about both women (uncontrolled sexuality) and African-Americans (laziness)."
They believe that stigmatic racism in this day in age there isn't in terms of laws basically, there is no law stopping me from doing what I want to do.

My Response: The reason why you're not affected is that you're doing a lot better socioeconomically than a lot other black people, have you looked at income on Census lately. I live in California and I asked mom about "If blacks are still oppressed?" (Nobita recently did a video on this topic but it's one-sided) I get from your perspective but my mother and I whole hardly disagree and my mom has been through a lot more stuff than me. You agree there is some form of racism, discrimination, marginalized and prejudice that is still a formed oppression at end of the day. I would have liked it if would have explained further why. I wrote whole paper how media has disfranchised blacks on how people see us so, I don't understand. My question to you "Do you feel (all) blacks have freedom based on your definition, the antithesis of oppression?" As long as our society blueprints are built on the backs of servitude it will continue to create oppression and victims, as you have stated. Slavery has psychologically (PTSD) messed black people up from generation to generation guess what that's called Intergenerational trauma(DNA supports this as well). Until we can all get help and I don't see us raising up to other expectations. "while you neglect to recognize that what’s actually divisive is centuries worth of black and brown oppression that still is not over, like gerrymandering, the lingering effects of racially restrictive covenants in housing, racial profiling measures like stop and frisk, the overwhelmingly black population of mass incarceration, and the school to prison pipeline." OK, let’s talk about black-on-black crime.

“Both sociologists and criminologists agree that violent crime is a complex socio-economic phenomenon. Generally speaking, research shows that poor people commit the most crime: According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, during the period from 2008 through 2012, “persons in poor households at or below the federal poverty level (FPL) (39.8 per 1,000) had more than double the rate of violent victimization as persons in high-income households (16.9 per 1,000) ... The overall pattern of poor persons having the highest rates of violent victimization was consistent for both whites and blacks (article).”

Also, according to the census Black women who have children being born out of wedlock is lowest ever seen [article] a few years ago. But apparently it has skyrocket and the national average is in the 70 percentile coming from mainly Millennial (now people in their mid-20s-30s like myself) during college-bound years [Research]. Many Millennial and GenZ are opting not to continue into higher education because they don't want to be another stat on the debt charts and are not getting married (because the national average is to settle down is pretty much in the early 30s) or rather opting to have a partnership. Why is this an issue for conservatives and the like-minded? Conservatives need to read the research papers before quoting stats. Also, black replacement levels are under-performing as it is. And more black women or should I say high school students are deciding not to marry but are having more children than black women that are married but the birthrate are at their lowest seen yet.

A lot of people love the Conservative Red Pill Rhetoric and the unofficial slogan “Speak your truths” and their followers idolize them saying the same exact things over and over again like "You're such a breath of fresh air", "You're hot" or "You're so educated and beautiful." Let’s be honest the only reason why people hate media conservationism is because of the ideology is ego-centered that borderline the superego. I think black conservatives should focus on issues in their own party, actions for a change instead of focusing on the punchlines for a fight with the left and they should be looking at it upper mobility for all Black Americans and not just black conservative ones. Although I've already read this book in High School, I will agree that we all need to read the Uncle Tom's Cabin.

I just want people to Question what they consume, Ask questions and do the Research before falling down any ideal rabbit hole for convenience sake. At this point Back Americans should just become Independent, I just found out my mom is an Independent and so is my co-worker but leans to the right. Both parties aren't doing anything to spark social or societal change for anyone in the black community and we still kick while we're down. I know I keep editing this post but I keep finding so many informational gems that I need to include here for you guys.


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