Friday, October 9, 2015

High Tea Party: Day 1

Hey Guys,

OMG I feel like a surrealist painting. My first few weeks of school was like this... my knee is messed up, my school account was glitched, and apparently my late night class makes me look it and feel it. But the silver lining of it all was last weekend in which I press photographer for The Brands Boutique's High Tea Party Event. Because of the sudden change in venue due the unpredictable weather I had to make my way across the city to this lovely cafe called the Tea Rose Garden located in Pasadena. I have to say Pasadena, Burbank, and Culver City are one of  my favorite cities in Los Angeles County. Anyways, what was predictable was the traffic that Saturday but, what was so nerve racking was the 110 fwy was blood red on google maps from the 105 fwy all the way up to S. Pasadena forcing me to take the streets. When I finally arrived the lovely ladies greeted me and I was so, out of breath and a little nervous I forgot to introduce myself properly the first time because I was ready to go with my camera but they insisted I take a break.  Then two more girls, who were close friends came about 20 minutes later, and another 10 minutes later another girl arrived in her eye catching red blouse. Let the chatting beginning right! Well, sort of the venue that day was pretty busy with other patrons so, it was pretty hard to keep up with everyone's conversations so, maybe next time I will have opportunity to talk each girl. I just want to say thank you ladies for having me and I know I kind of geeking out a little too much so, for that I am sorry for shortcoming and behavior. Well on to the pictures by yours truly.

This was the highlight of the afternoon where we all put on are thinking caps to play Pip Pip Cherro and are lady's luck at playing bingo to win a cute prize.

I'm really impressed with these girl's coordinates.

In conclusion, the venue was an amazing gem off the beaten path of  the busiest streets in Pasadena. I would recommend this venue to anyone looking for something different and elegant to try. The cinnamon tea was great and even though I didn't get to eat some of food because if you have't notice I'm eating vegan at the moment but the salad was great and it had some really nice touches to my palette, and the fruit from the platter was just right. Oh, at end of event I did get to talked some of girls and get some more snaps of them and  here some of what I took of them. I had a lovely afternoon/evening with theses lovely ladies and hope to do it again.



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