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Angelic Magica and Interview with Director Kenneth Pulgar-Vidal

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Recently, I just recovered from a sinus infection but I'm doing a lot better. I've been working on this post for less than two weeks but, finally I have finished it. Today, I want to talk you guys about this up and coming writer and movie director I met at Moshi Moshi Nippon Los Angeles that I mentioned in my last post. Last fall, I took a film class that had me hyped whenever I meet an up and coming directors/writers. I found myself wanting to support their endeavors. That being said, let's begin shall we...

Kenneth Pulgar-Vidal is the writer and director of Angelic Magica. I did a short mock interview with him due my curiosity after seeing both his trailer and the supporting cast.  I asked him, How long it took him to write this story? He said, "I was original from Chicago, and it took me two years to write the screenplay then, I moved out to Los Angeles to make it all happen." He goes on to say, "My main inspiration for the story was Sailor Moon and Silent Hill." As of right now, his main focus is to produce a short film adaption once he gets the funding for the project so, he can pitch it.  Are you interested in seeing this happen because I sure am. His goal is to reach $15,000 and he is almost one fifth away from reaching his goal. If you would like to support his efforts, please visit his Indiegog page: 

I later interviewed Kenneth via email. Here are the questions I asked him:

What is run time for the production?

The estimated runtime will be around fifteen minutes for the short film, and around an hour and twenty minutes for the feature.

Any film festivals you look forward to showing your work in the future?

Yes, plenty! The ones off of the top of my head would be the LA Film Festival, Sundance, Raindance, SXSW, Chicago International Film Festival, as well as the Tokyo International Film Festival and the Short Shorts Film festival in Yokohama.

Any future goals for the production?

Aside from getting the Short and Feature made, the biggest future goal for Angelic Magica is that our film can be the first successful American Live-Action Anime film. To see Live-Action Anime become a reality in America, you need one really solid success, whether that be at the box office or from the critics, and that success can stand as an example to show people just how much untapped potential Anime has. 

How much interaction will the main character have with the supporting cast?

Most of the film centers around Daniel (the MC) interacting/interrogating the supporting cast in hopes of discovering the truth, so I'd definitely say quite a bit!
How much action will we be seeing from each of the cast members?

Plenty! They are magical girls after all! The film starts of as much more of a horror film, but as the story unravels, you'll get to see each and every one of them fight against the demons lurking just outside...

Will we get a glimpse of the supporting cast's backstory(origins)?

Yeah. The only way the girls can ever hope to convince Daniel of the danger that lays outside the warehouse is through their own experiences learning about it the hard way, and why they don't want him to suffer the same way they did. But needless to say, we go in depth as to how each girl obtained their powers, why their outfit and weapons are what they are, and why them specifically; because what might seem to be coincidences, might just not be.

Kenneth has a busy schedule so, I ended the interview there. But it is definitely a film inspired by "Anime's magical girl genre meets philological horror thriller in this live-action film adaptation" that the people have been waiting for. Hopefully, we will hear more talks in the future about this film. I leave you with more information about film than you can every imagine.


Angelic Magica 

Written and Directed by: Kenneth Pulgar-Vidal
Estimated Runtime: 110 minutes (short: 15minutes)
Rating: N/A

Stars: Tohoru Masamune, Rina Hoshino, Levi Ashlyn, Kaja Martin, and Oceane Bucaille


Angelic Magica follows Officer Daniel Igarashi and his struggle to discover the truth
behind his son’s disappearance. His investigation quickly falls into the surreal as the truth will force him to question the very nature of what is truly real.  But he will be presented with a choice: accept help from the one who took his son from him, or be consumed by a nightmarish world forever.


 Silent Hill  | Sailor Moon
 Madoka Magica  | No Exit


Tohoru Masamune as Daniel Igarashi
Rina Hoshino as Angel
Levi Ashlyn as Elle
Kaja Martin as Henrietta
Oceane Bucaille as Mica


Angelic Magaica  is a live-action psychological horror film inspired by the "Anime Puella Magi Madoka Magica".

A police officer is forced to work with Magical Girls who took his son in order to survive the night and discover the truth behind his son's disappearance.

Plot Keywords: Psychological | Horror | Action | Magical Girls | Police officer | Son | Disappear | Search | Nightmarish | World | Survival | Discovery | Struggle |


“I’ve been waiting three years for this. You will make time...” -Daniel

“You will survive this night. I guarantee it.”-Angel

Genres: Psychological Horror/Action

Official Sites

Official Website:



Hashtag: #angelicmagica



Country: USA
Language: English
Locations: Los Angeles

Trailer: $2,262.24
*Short film will be 7-8x the cost of the Trailer.


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