Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Update and Birthday!?!

Since my birthday is coming up (in just a few days), My high school best friend asked me, "What do I want for my birthday?" I said, "Software" lol. She said, "That's All?" You see I need more software for more editing more than just photos or designing mock ups. Actually,  I wasn't really thinking about what I wanted just what I needed to further my career in design wise plus, I signed up for spring design classes before transferring. But the question still remains what do I want for my birthday? I thought about it and almost all stuff I wanted I had received. But I know want to cosplay Super Sonico, I want to lose weight which I'm already working on. I want buy some Korean products specifically moisturizer or an all-in-1 for my very dry winter skin. I want my favorite contacts again because feel like a civilian with the ones that I bought for this year lol, I just want to freak people out. I guess I just want be a new me, an evolution.

. . .A few days later (French voice)

I got the day off for birthday, technically three. So here is my unplanned/planned birthday

The day before my birthday...

1) Go to the nail salon and get my feet and nail and eye brows done because actually don't do those things a lot.

2) Go to a Korean Spa for the very first time, plus there no spa/sauna at my gym, so I thought that it would be cool and I hear the exfoliation massages are good.(And I watching a K-show called Hello Stranger which more or less made me want to go, plus it doesn't help that I watch K-dramas)
3) Go to a Japanese Plaza where I can get a j-magazine/cosmetics/kawaii accessories. (You know how Asian who come over to the States they get really fascinated with American Super Markets well it's just the same for me when I go to Asian market like Mitsuwa/Nijiya lol.)

Birthday Day

1) Go to the mall and head up the Ulta (Maybeline lipsticks) and Sephora for my in store gifts.

2) Head over to Little Tokyo to window shop and there is a Tune in Tokyo event later that night so I might hit that up.

I don't know if guys know but J-rock band Scandal is coming to town, they'll be in LA Area in May, so get your tickets I posted a link on my twitter. I'm still thinking about getting a ticket to Kamijo 20th Anniversary. (Off topic a little: I hope people stop trolling J-pop groups, that why I wrote a post on J-pop vs K-pop because I'm tired of seeing it, and just to add that Japan is making efforts especially know than ever because of 20/20 Olympics, People Just Keep Calm and Listen to Amazing Music.)

Oh I finally got all my Christmas stuff that I bought I'll do a haul for both my Christmas and birthday gifts. If you guys have any suggestions of what to buy please leave me comment or tweet me or instagram me @ash2theb.



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