Sunday, August 3, 2014

My experience with Marenello Beauty School

Maybe its stress, but this week has been just a ridiculous week.  Probably for a lot people with all these transportation accidents and deaths something is just not right. Who knows, maybe Mercury's retrograde is still in effect.

Okay so, I had taken down my braids during the week and did not have much time to do much to it so, I combed the ends out and put into two buns or just a bun until my stats final was over. So yesterday morning I went to try to go get my hair done at Marenello Beauty School in Inglewood since its closest one I live near too.  I have been going there since high school and never had an issue with them doing my hair until now (maybe because they have new people now). Anyways it is locate near the civic center so I had to park my car at a meter and walk over to the school. When I came in, they told me I had to wait about an hour to get someone to do my hair so I said, "That's fine," and so I paid. About thirty minutes later a woman came in, she was a walk-in as well and was scheduled for 11:30 am. It was about 10:50 am and they called the women first which I did not mind because she was older. I few minutes later the student called my name. She was probably about the same age, if not a few years older than I was. I sat down in her chair and she told me take down my hair. Then she said, "Here, with a regular sized to comb my own hair out." I said, "Why?"  She told me "I can't comb your hair because it matted." Then she went on to say, "Did you have it braids?" I said, "Yes and if would have known that had to comb out my I would have done it at home." Then I had to ask someone for bigger toothed comb because when trying comb out or de-tangle African-American/black hair you need wide toothed comb because make so much easier.  Then she said, "Why didn't you? (Mind you, I was sitting there for hour.) I said, "I already paid for the service, now I'm wasting more time." She said, "Are you going to pay me to do it?" I said, "Yeah because this waste of time already." She said, "You talking too much...I'm not doing your hair." Then she went over and called over her supervisor and she went ahead explain the policies about the student have nothing do with it your responsibility of de-tangling my hair. I told her, "Well if that was the case I shouldn't I have been informed about these policies when asking for service from your institution. . .Why aren't you communicate that to whole department including staff  the receptions?" Then she said, "I will let them know "now". (RAGE WTF) I am tired of some the organizations that think they can treat their customers any kind of way and customer service is not important, it is just not right. I am maybe one of few but I do not take BS like use too, I am not that girl anymore.

After I had to comb out my hair myself  she didn't check my hair or anything which I thought as a beautician that's the first thing you are required to do with a client so, that they know how to treat the hair and make sure your doesn't have any infections or infestations. She just left then and told me to follow her to the sinks and I barely could hear her. I was pissed out I used to not say anything and just take shit but I'm kind of tired of people just taking advantage of me. I kept trying to figure out how ridicules this whole situation was ... I told her, "I'm not mad at you" ...what if a little girl came in here...(general speaking out my frustration) she said, "well I'm not doing hair" and went straight over to the receptionist area.  So now, I am talking to the supervisor and the women over her about the customer service, I was not receiving and that her student was very rude. She repeated the situation even used the words that I used which was there was “no communication” but she said, "I've made them aware (now)". She went on to say since "I kept talking about the issue the student denied you of her service." I said, "I wasn't even talking to her I was talking in general (institution), and some people have their own way of handling a situation (What happen to first amendment?)." Then I continue to go on about the many times in the pass I have come to the school after I had my hair in protected style (braids or weave) and the student still combed out my hair with no questions asked. She said, "We had this policy for a while now and those student were quote on quote" breaking the rules." Therefore, I said, "Is there anyone else who could do my hair." Moreover, she said, "Everyone else is booked." Then I said, "Basically I have to get a refund.”  Therefore, I went to the receptionist, asked for my refund, and said, "Thank you" and left.

I had to go over to Crenshaw Blvd. to Pacific, another hair school that has been there for a long time and I have been going there since I was little. I told them what had happen and they were like "What! ... Really!” …” I'm sorry you had to go through that, we'll take care of you." "Marenello, they are really good but they are already expensive school tuition wise." They said, "We comb out the girls hair here regardless and we get a lot people who come from Marenello." I said there a good school they just do not have good customer service or have the knowhow to handled clients because at end of day the students are representing the school. Even the head person at Pacific use to teach at Marenollo, but he was surprised and he said, “I’m going to call them about it the issue." I've came to a realization that they were going to have comb hair after washing hair it not magically tangle-free or matted or knotted free especially my hair.  This is actually the second time I got reject from this particular Marenello. The last time was because I had head sores apparently, but then I went over to Pacific and they had no trouble doing my hair.

Sorry for long rant too stressed out to let this stuff happen to anyone else. My mom she had a similar issue with them. My co-worker was like "No they did not just do that to you, there supposed to pretty good school, and that girl I would of told her off because that is so embarrassing and rude...your hair look fine to me last week." My boyfriend was like "You’re having some real bad luck." I do not know about that I think it is just people not treating others as if they would want to be treated. What do you think? Have you had a similar experience  happen to you? If so, leave a comment.


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