Monday, February 10, 2014

Birthday Haul Weekend [Pic heavy]

Hey Guys,

I hope you guys had an awesome weekend and Happy Chinese New Year. Apparently it my year my birthday falls in the middle of chinese new years so, some say I'm goat/ram and others say I'm a horse lol. I got my RAM and I had to tweak my desktop and it seems to be helping =).  I went on a shopping spree and I got hooked on the Maybeline lipsticks so I bought three more and the colors that I got are going to be very popular this spring because I was looking through the J-magazines and almost everyone was wearing these colors.

The Scawaii has some new faces but I'm wish Mitsuwa had Blenda issue so I could see Nana for this month but I'm really liking  Happie Nuts issue. 

 CK mascara was another birthday free gift from ULTA and seems to be very popular.
 Neon Red is my favorite color right now!

 My Cosplay Group Manager stop by while I was over my boyfriend place to drop off some Valentine sweets, he loves to make deserts and dishes in his spare time :D
 My mom got me this set and the wedges

 I ate pretty Vegan this weekend my mom took me to the Veggie grill and their quoin and kale salad is so Yummy!!! and the food is really filling. My boyfriend's brother finally started his internship and told him about this underground market  for new up and coming restaurant which I hope to see more of and the food was really delicious. I was thinking we just eat some famous/popular ramen in Lil Tokyo  and go watch a movie  but we ended up walking around and finding out that they close down the arcade in the mall:( before the event.


Afterward we head a block over to Urth Cafe to get something cold to drink since food we ate was super spicy which I love. I'm going to two concerts this month as well, Kyary and Tony Braxton that my mom won, she should be the radio tickets winning queen lol plus her birthday is coming up .



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