Wednesday, January 15, 2014

After Christmas Haul

 Hey Guys,

Happy New Year

Sorry I just got done with long weekend working ALA and extremely tired I didn't get to take much pictures this time :(. Everyone I know went on vacation during the holidays and pretty much stayed home and did nothing...I did get of out the house but as the days went on I got kept getting tired. Anyways I worked really hard but I did really leave my post at Con Suite...I did really want to go to any panels because I kind suck in there but I really like atmosphere.  Here is some stuff I bought before Con. Since Lensvillage was having sale I bought four  Princess Nudy lens. All my orders came in on first week of January. My wigs I brought from Amazon all cost $10 and came on the 31 and then on Friday I got my lens and bodyline stuff. The last picture is purse I've been wanting and it was on sale finally but the items are from AVON, and mom got me jump rope and one body. . . I forgot what it's called but helps suck in fat. My boyfriend brought me back a charm from a prestigious shrine and he spents all his money on Comket stuff  that he's hoping to sell, it's mostly Cardcaptor Sakura stuff.


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