Wednesday, September 25, 2013

What's for Lunch?

Hey Guys,

School about to get a whole lot more stressful I just wanted to write a little update and about my breakfast and lunch choices. Since I get to school early in the morning, about an hour before my first class, I like to park in neighborhood and walk to school to get some exercise in even though I'll be walking from class to class all day. Plus, I'm trying to save money since the parking lot is always full and the fee for parking is close to $100 dollars which seemed a bit cray for junior college anyways, right. When I get school I usually order for breakfast...

a Double Chocolate Muffin for some energy

or a Oats Covered Bran Muffin to stay full by lunch time; but they are oily at my school;
or Seseame bagel and cream cheese
and a nice green bottle of Naked Juice
 But when I'm not at school or getting ready for work I eat a bowl of plan cereal like bran or wheat cereal with almond milk but usually rice milk.Then for lunch which is usually around 2 or 3pm and right before I go to the library to do some studying or research done, I like to eat bean and cheese w/ pico de gallo but now, I added some veggies like bell peppers and guacamole inside a toasted spinach tortilla.
 Sometime, if available since it is so popular at my school I get a veggie sushi rolls which are lite but filling.
 and to drink I get ALO drink which has simple ingredients.

Update: I'm now on 4th month of birth control for my condition and it slowly but surely helping. The hair on my body is thin and growing slowly and nails have finally growing back. The first 3 month are the hardest. My skin was flaring up, threw up a few times and I got rash but I'm fine now just a lot more tired then usual. I advice to you get at least 8 hrs of sleep, wake up and don't stay in bed, grab a glass of cold water and do some stretches or low impact exercise; and eat food something that help boost energy( 70-100% Dark chocolate , green tea, fruits i.e. berries and pineapple smoothie)


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