Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Tomo Neko at NJAM

 Well, Tomo Neko Maid Cafe was great it was held at National Japanese American Museum. I wanted to support my cosplay group and are leader of the group since he was chosen to be the chef of the event. I hope for next time it will go a whole lot smoother then it did since the food orders got backed up. Plus a lot people RSVP like myself for the event and had to look for some where sit since a lot people paid at the door. Also, there were no spoons for my miso soup. I think a Dim Sum styled system would have worked better for this event at least everyone should pay like $5-8 bucks for a meal, buffed style. My friend Georgy was spinning on the ones and twos ( if i got married I want him to DJ for me.) Oh I got hang with homies of C3 Ashphord, Angel(super cute), and Ginger. Seriously, if I was finished with school I would be doing what they are doing.Ginger kept saying "I'm so upper cute"...which haven't heard in while, I really look up to them. I missed the Fashion show but the female cast of Madoka Magica was there including other talent guest



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