Friday, May 17, 2013

Fanimade [updates]

So, here goes nothing, I will be heading up north for Fanime 2013 and I will be cosplaying Mei Ling Hong of the Touhou Project. My first time cosplaying ever but I haven't bought my wig or contacts for her yet (update: well I bought my wig from Epic Wigs (which reminds me I still have to do a review on them and I'm thinking about buying a blue wig next for gyaru plus I love it's my faved color.) and bought my contacts with express shipping; I bought 2 lenses from Lensvillage but they have terrible custom service.

I order them Wednesday and then read shipping policy more closely I came to find out again that they do not ship express to California and other regulated parts of the world. So, now I have cancel my order.) I'll be buying some blue Freshlooks from local drug store instead. Oh yeah, I finally finished the long journey of preparing for contacts. I have pretty average bad eye sight (R/L-3.25 but I can wear -3.00 if my prescription is not available). I think the best solution for me is to just buy bulk and read shipping more closely then ever and to see if they are active on there blogs and social media pages. I'm going to try Pinky Paradise since I've heard great things about them. I think I'll buy some Geo medicals lenses in blue and hazel/gold.I  would also like the Pop. C, Grang Grang, and Dueba.If  you guys have any suggestion just leave a comment either here on my Facebook page.

I kind of taking a break from gyaru for awhile since the contacts are what I really wanted to get out the way and school and work...commuting all over LA is such drag on my gyaru spirit.

I really want to buys a school girl outfit, china dress and maid outfit, punk outfits from Bodyline to be apart of my cosplay: here are my faves but I'll probably buy them before Anime Expo.

Also, I'm trying put another list together of awesome hand made shops and fashions that target the multi aray of gyaru fashions. And let me tell you there are a lot.Lastly, my girls of C3 will be also attending Fanime, I'm so excited plus Ashphord is doing big things with her "I Wish my Life Was an RPG."


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