Sunday, January 20, 2013

Was just taking a lil break

Yay! I'm back. . .I missed you guys, There just  a lot stuff going on. . .cough cough, I mean a guy um, well guys in general lol. When ever I try go to workout. . .I just join the gym and all these guys freaking keep trying get at me, jeez. Plus the guy I'm with is pretty hard to keep up with but I love the adventures we go on. Anyways, I read my horoscope during my time away from the computer and it told me to take break from computer. . . so, I did lol. I will be having a giveaway soon and guess when. . .hint: a very important birthday is coming up.

And Happy Birthday in advance to Kyary, she's turning 20 and also to all my Aquarius . . . itsJudyTime, VenusAngelic( ppl keep getting on my nerves w/ their rude comments, Aquarius have a hard time enough conveying are emotions), Oparh, A-chan (Perfume), Lee Ming Jung, Siwon(Super Junior), LJ (mblaq), Sooyoung(GG), Victoria (f/x) Woohyun(Infinite), Zinger(Secret), Shin Yejun (F.Cuz), Jia (Miss A), Kan Mi Youn, Tomoko Kawase(new inspiration). . .

I finally got the Samsung S3 a week and half ago!!YAY!! (the note is HUGE so, I went with S3 in blue instead but, they didn't have a blue case I wanted). Well I'm officially a K-techy drama nerd lol.

While I was gone I start watch "Cheongdamdong Alice" and a little bit of "School 2013" which isn't really keeping my attention as much as Alice is. It's funny reading the the comments for Alice because the story progression is really good and keeps us guessing. I highly recommend you watch it because main characters are played by Geum Moon Yeong, who I've watched pretty every movie and almost every drama she's been in and, Park Shi Hoo, who I've watched in Prosecutor Princess which is another really good drama.

You guys already knew that there was a new Sailor Moon series coming out this summer . .well if not Surprise!!

Did you hear there coming with a new Ghost in the Shell series  called Arise I hope it get such high praise as the Stand complex. The character drawing is bit different than expected  but cool I guess but to be frank the hair color is to true blue for me it not the right shade too me plus, last time remember her hair was a purple to a really dark blue shade. But I can't complain. Production I.G will be animated, and Kise Kazuchika has been chosen as the general director. It was also announced that Ubukata Tow who is known for his novel “Tenchi Meisatsu“, will be in charge of the screanplay, and CORNELIUS will be in charge of its music. Shirow Masamune will also participate in the new project.

Upcoming events:

This is there last Tune in Tokyo event at the 2nd street Jazz and bar 
Makes me  wanna cry.;_;
So please set your calender for this event!!!
I'll me there of course.


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