Thursday, January 31, 2013


Hi Guys, wow it's been a while. I've been busy. I finally got see Evagelion 2.0. My guy friend love Asuka but I love Mari and Rie.  I love her line when she's in Eva unit 5 that made me love her when she said, ". . .for some plexiglass that will fit my chest." I seem to say that to everyone I meet when want to cosplay something (watch cine here.)  I was like finally some one who understands me. Then when she was talking about Eva and that's how I feel about cars. People say English dub makes her sound manic but seriously I love it. And when her eye glow turquoise blue I went insane after that.

Oh and finally got to play COD Black ops 2. I love it I never thought I would be playing the zombie and the team death match it's the s**t, too MLG,  but I was a total noob. My guy friends were like your a total COD Rager lol. I played it on the WiiU and PS3. I also got to play FFXIII I wasn't such noob there lol.

I feel like I need to become otaku again but it's super hard when school gets in way and my job pays enough for me to get by. There are so many things I want to do. I mostly only know about gaming but can barely pick up my ps2 or 3 these days. . . cough cough look out ps4 will be falling out sky very soon. Plus I wanted to learn Japanese and Korean for very long time now it really hard to balance the two. My friend knows Japanese and when he is drunk, he starts talking in Japanese I hope that doesn't happen to me.

I also went to see Dead Sushi. So hilarious I kept me laughing it's kind on ecchi side but hilarious.We also got free special poster but it's not this one. I wanna watch his pass works The Machine Girl and RoboGeisha.  Most of his work is AV and is mostly has zombies, action and sexual content so be advise.

Anyways, I need to do a wig review for you guys but I need to take a lot pics, so hopefully I'll have that up for you guy this coming week. And have not forgotten the giveaway guys.

Back to Cochella all I know is that Grimes and Red Hot Chilli Peppers will be performing so, if your a fan of hers you should get your tickets. But I know that YouTube might be streaming so won't miss out even if does sell out.

One more thing Korea Music festival started selling there tickets so you might want pick those up as well. We don't know who will be performing but I hope to find out soon. I want know who will be performing so, I'm waiting till last minute like always.You can watch last years here.

Oh and I'm getting contact lenses very soon I been wanted contacts since high school and people tell me I should get them but some of friend say they uncomfortable but I say Yolo( you only live once). Plus it help me for Gyaru  and cosplaying; my glasses always get in the way or lose track of them.

Calling all Los Angeles Lolitas



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