Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Koda Love

On December 10th, singer Kumi Koda appeared at a press conference in Tokyo to promote the launch of two original perfumes that she produced. The two perfumes are LOVE NOTE (gold) and LOVE TOUCH (pink), and cost 3,000 yen for a 50mm bottle.  Koda, who herself loves perfumes and has adopted them into her live performances, created two fragrances targeted towards women in love.

She just turned 30 this year and had her first son with husband, BACK-ON’s KENJI03 (28), this past July.  She stated, “I married for love and have even given birth to a child, but even now I am deeply in love with my husband.”  She continued with PR for her fragrances, “I am living a life where I do not want to forget the feeling of love.  I want people who are married to also use the fragrances to elevate their love life.”Koda Kumi came out with a new single, “Koishikute,” is set to be released Dec. 26, and in the run-up to the release Koda will be holding a special series of gigs to celebrate 13 years in the business. She had a special performance:‘KODA KUMI premium Night ~Love & Songs~‘ at the prestigious Japan Budokan which broadcasted live.

Ingredients: flower freesia, rose petals, green leaves, jasmine, musk

Ingredients: jasmine, rose petals, vanilla, amber
You can also sign up for her social network Peeproom which is looks like Japanese version of Pinterest and while your at it go check out her official YouTube page.



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