Thursday, November 1, 2012

Leibster Awards

Hey guys, I got nominated to do the Leibster Award by Christy. I was finding out this is becoming a trend in gyaru community and is spreading really fast. Well, now that I got some time. . .Let's do this!
  • You must post 11 facts about yourself.
  • You must answer 11 questions from whoever nominated you.
  • Choose 11 bloggers that you would like to nominate.
  • Create 11 questions to ask your nominees.
  • Let them know they are nominated!!
  • No tag backs ~ 

11 Facts About Myself

  1. I am majoring in Graphic Design.
  2. I'm a beginning Gyaru.
  3. I love K-pop and J-pop.
  4. My favorite color is Blue.
  5. I love Pizza.
  6. I work at a library.
  7. I believe people should treat other like they wanted to be treated.
  8. I haven't broken any of my bones/ligaments yet. (knock on wood)
  9. I'm allergic to Olive oil. I know. . .really. . .yeah really.
  10. I love watching the rain.
  11. I would like to travel to Czech republic, Wales and Belfast, N. Africa, India, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Jamaica where my dad is from, god rest his soul, Yucatan, and Canada
Christy's Questions 
1.       Dreams in life? 
a.       Finish school go to Korean, Japan, and Jamaica  and get job in webs design and graphic design management.
2.       Odd addiction you have?
a.       I love fast going on turns. . . God I love G-forces ever since I was lil playing racing games all day everyday
3.       Your biggest inspirational person?
a.       My mom , she has like mad style and stop on intuition. . .it freaks me out sometimes
4.       Is there something you think you do good at, but in reality you're not that great?
Begin Creative
5.       The musician who changed your life?
a.       Wow that’s really hard to answer because never really focus on one, I kind of spread the love  lol. . . I mostly like singers more now and some  them give me the chills when they sing.
6.       One place you want to go?
a.       Japan
7.       if you had a gay moment, who would you have a relationship with?
a.       Hmm, Lol. . .why is this hard me think about this I used to have gay moments with friends in high school all the time. Usually when look at people with big bight eyes I kind of lust after them for there eyes wow that sounded so weird.. . .I fetishes for eyes.
8.       if you could marry anyone who would it be?
a.       Well, duh T.O. P, Sexhy Hae! His b-day is  on 4th so, Happy Birthday Hubby!
9.       An animal that describes you and why?
a.       Horse, well it’s my Chinese animal/zodiac it was a lamb/goat but how my birthday sits on the zodiac which February 6, near the beginning of Chinese New Year it’s a horse.
10.   Are there any big changes from your early life to now as you got older?
a.       My diet , I stop eating McDonalds and some fast food places.
11.   Any special ability? or a special ability you wished you can have?
a.    Walk through the walls like a boss.But  I am really good at figuring/finding out stuff no matter how difficult it is. . .there was this book in Japanese and it  had hiragana and had some Chinese characters  and it was about Osaka aquarium: ring of fire book

 My questions to You

  1.  Who do you believe in the most?
  2. Do you watch Anime? If yes then what are you watching now? If no then what was your first Anime you watched?
  3. What is your favorite genre of music?
  4. What your Chinese animal/zodica?
  5.  Do you like K-pop? Why/ Why not?
  6. Do you like gaming?
  7. Favorite Artist?
  8.  One question you never got answered?
  9. If you could date anyone, who would it be?
  10. No. 1 makeup product?
  11. Motorcycle or Car and why?
Nominees, I Choose You! 
(. . .gotta catch them all pokemon. . . lol couldn't help myself)

Yuki chan
If guys follow these gals message them because I might forget to do it myself.


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