Friday, November 23, 2012


I really love when K-pop song use Reggae beats.It just makes me so giddy inside lol.No matter how cheesy the guest rapper is.

But, first I wanna talk about this group that are sorely underrated and a lot ppl just compare them to FT Island or CNBLUE. . . jeez REALLY. . .but to me they kind of more on the emo/edgy side when they debuted. And that group is LEDApple. . . Omg the first single and MV was amazing and I love there concept and futurist instruments ties in each video. But I really want the dude guitar like seriously so, I can just pretend to be rock poser from the future. Not that many ppl I saw in the comments of of there new Let the Wind Blow MV liked them at first and this song pretty much gave them a second chance (LED Apple Fighting). Plus the lead singer Jason is hot with his guy-liner and blonde dew and he kind looks like Gazette when I first saw him. (I wonder if TOP and Jason will get along.)

Sexy Hae!!!
I also like this song they did when first started to really promote in the being was "Birthday Killer" they really rock it in their MV. They were funky cool I kind of wish this song was apart a dark/dramatic Anime opening or ending because it has that kind of feel.But there are a lot of anti-fans it's really sad and they have like 300k views compared to other highest view which, is I think 40 million+ in K-pop mv alone. They are so talented, and good looking. Why so much hate? Okay, enough fangirling, I was just trying to get them some more love especially, for ppl who are new to K-pop/indie/rock.

Next, 2ne1's Lonely and I Don't Care 

I think this is the first group I heard that did Reggae version of songs and that made even more happy.

Here are Brave Girls' Easily

The vocals on this track is really pretty and skull is makes cheesy rap, Hopefully they make a comeback soon.~Hwaiting

Dal✮Shabet's OH!!WOW!!with Koonta

This album and the first are my favorites especially their song Shakalaka

Fiestar's Wicked

 When I first heard this song, Omg it's was my jam. . it so freak'n wicked.

MissA's Breathe

I kind of like their pass song more than newer songs and some songs I wish they would promote like Lips was much better song then Touch, just say'n. Now there promoting album based off Destiny Child and Beyonce albums.

~Happy Black Friday Guys
and Go watch Breaking Dawn;
Keep calm and bc you might act ghetto.


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