Thursday, November 15, 2012

E.via My World

Napper a.k.a E.via born January 15, 1986 (I know she looks younger then me O_O), real name Lee Ok Joo.  Why am I talking E.via. . .well because she's a boom South Korea Female rapper but her lyrics seem a  bit risky to some of  her S. Korean listeners and viewers..E.Via takes a stand on the rap scene. Bringing her charming and cuteness and exceptional rap skills to compete with a market occupied almost entirely by male artists, and multi-talented groups.  

All in all, she writes her own music and can play piano which you can see her play a little in "Diary featuring Sori MV." She is known for being Korea's fastest female rapper (you can see her talent in Shake and Black & Red) also being compared to rapper Outsider. I hope to see them do colab some day.

She pretty much got banned from most of the music shows because her musical-self-expression. Her first EP released in 2009 called “E.via a.k.a. Happy Evil” which included songs "Dairy" and "[Explicit]Oppa! na Haedodwae?,"  which got her silenced from public performance.  Despite the ban, E.via's album and "Oppa, can you do it?" received overwhelming responses on online music sites.

 She has about 5 albums, the 5th being "E.Viagradation:The Black & Red Part 1"with a bolder and more mature look and sound. The Black & Red Part 1 of her album features seven tracks including collaborations with Seo Sun and Isu of M.C The Max. 

 E.Via also released a single this year called "What I know how to play a little," a brighter wide spectrum of music that had remained loyal during the song "Chu" had been exciting, fast-tempo songs such as "Shake" and "Hey," which are favorite songs from her. I found this interview she did but there are no subs -_- but still watch. I hopes she gains more even more popularity for unique rapping skills and out side box beats and lyrics.

hwaiting. . .Fighting E.VIA

Update: I just wanted let the fans of E.via know that she has left her label D-Line Art Media she wasn't able to express herself through her music with out Korean Government being butt hurt about it she is now an underground artist under a new you thought I was going to tell you her new name but I'm going just link you to her name and more. I would like to see her take another crack at the music business under labels like YG or Jungle with Tasha and Tiger JK like some netizen have suggested as well. But I finally got my wish, she finally did collab with Outsider and came out with a new song called CONT LOL. I hope this helps her get to what she wants. I'm going to add her new stuff to playlist with her new name to go along with it.


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