Thursday, September 6, 2012

My Crazy August

If  you haven't you been to LV, here is what you'll see. . .


Las Vegas

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If your looking to just shop, well look no further the Cesear, Town Square, and The Fashion Mall (yes that's what it's called) are you one stop shops for pretty much everything.
Talk about elephant in the room lol.

Now for
"What's up with 2ne1!"

DJ CL spinning the beats of today's awesome into the future YAY!
Minzy got her dance on!

Let's not forget about Dara's special for the Lovers out there.
 Will.I.AM came out to show with to support.Sorry for the fuzzness I was super excited)

The very next day I went to Melt Down Comics to have some fun shopping. I also participated in Defective Geeks podcast in a fanfic of Bane and Batman(me) love affair. . .lol it was fun I had a great time and thanks awesome Batman swag.

My old computer pretty much died. So, I had get another one, good thing I had insurance on it that I only had to pay half the price for this one that I had been eying it's the Lenovo IdeaPad (they say Lenovo(back by IBM) pretty good for graphics then it's dell and hp)  and it's i5, so I can totally get CS instead of half the program, now I need to start putting a Mac on layway.

Congrats Momo,
You are the giveaway winner.
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