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Lets get Wiggy [Gyaru]

Wig (Per-i-wig)

    -An artificial covering of hair for all or most of the head, of either synthetic or natural hair, worn to be stylish or more attractive.

 The Ancient Egyptians wore wigs made either from human hair, sheep's wool or vegetable fibers, depending upon their social status to shield their hairless heads from the sun. Other ancient cultures, including the, Assyrians, Phoenicians, Greeks and Romans, Europeans, East Asians and the Western world also used wigs as an everyday fashion. Today wigs are a head of hair made from horsehair, human hair, wool, feathers, yak hair, buffalo hair, or synthetic material and kanekalon (best japanese fiber). Types of  wigs are lace wigs, non-lace wigs,  human hair wigs, synthetic wigs(last about 3-6 months, fairly cheap). Also there are permanent hair solutions like weaves (sew-in/bonding/fusion), and braids and there is non-permanents ones like clip-ins, banana comb, hair pieces and drawstring attachment.

So, if you are really interested in wigs or Japanese wigs or gyaru culture. . .well you came to the right place.

Shop cheap wig. Has become very affordable ~ 2980 yen($38) Free Shipping original heat full wig wig 
brand "AquaDoll".


Taiwanese brand Clair Beauty specializes in quality hairpieces, extensions and wigs that are comfortable and easy to use.

Clair Beauty takes pride in using Kanekalon, a top-of-the-line Japanese synthetic fiber that is heat tolerant and feels silky 

Wig professional, and wig shopping malls from Wigton Funny ...

Launched in 2005, GABALNARA is brand founder Lim Jung Han's answer to the lack of quality wigs available in South Korea. All GABALNARA wigs, accessories and hair pieces are designed in-house by Hah Jae Hyun and Ock Hye Mi using research data based on head circumferences of Asians. The brand aims to provide a wider selection of finely made wigs and hair pieces in different colors and styles proudly made in South Korea.

Invitation to World stylish style style bubble the best products and services at a price that is honest.

Magic Hair Scheme (M.H.S)

"Because I want to be stylish in all girl, produced "thoroughly" the hair style of Mickey clause eight types want to be! The hair can change clothes in a sense, even though it is Puchipura hair design quality ◎! I stuck meticulously."

"Mickey rather than model (Kumiko Zhoushan)

Buzz as soon as appeared in magazines, exploded the popularity, beginning in earnest his career as a top model of "Popteen" fashion magazine.
Endeared to the god of gal nicknamed the "Mickey" clause, # 1 female model of longing, a survey in Shibuya and even boasts a result of 100% awareness teenagers. Just beyond the current model, artist and PV TV, regardless of further domestic and foreign, appeared in various fashion shows and events. Doing the work to produce more and more vigorous, expanding the playing field."

Original hair heat NAVANA WIG
All hair is made of heat-resistant NAVANA WIG original products that are listed in this catalog.
Arrangement, so that you can enjoy a strong heat, using hot curlers and dryers, curling irons,
I also leave my hair straight wound. The color is matte color close to human hair.

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Full bangs wig popular wig / wig in limited release in collaboration with the site / Cecil McBee mail order only official Priscilla of wig and extension, such extension is hella easy Harajuku / is ...

Popular! Extended [SALSA] The famous salon-like atmosphere at home Minamikoshigaya high technology and also appeared in Tokyo ♪ ◎! !
Friendly staff so welcoming smile, ★ Extended types anyway Please leave even selfish any order counseling ♪ ♪ carefully Style "! Want to be" your stylist better get out ♪ ♪ worry even those who visit us for the first time wealth! ♪ ♪ I have is also popular eyelash extension further

 Hi Gorgeous!
Want to change your look in seconds? A woman of many occasions?
If either of your answers is yes, then wigs2you s where you'll want to start, literally from the head!
From Confident to Feminine, Funky to Innocent and sophisticated like Ladies, we have some 60 different styles to help you transform in an instant. What's more, every season we'll promptly bring you the latest hairstyles straight from the catwalk, and make them available at great prices and all in a full range of fantastic colours!
Pick a new hairstyle now and change your look in seconds! 
Top #3 wigs 


Take Care of your hair tips:

1. Always use a comb (wide tooth is preferred) to style your hair and if you bought wig essence use  to help detangle with the comb .
2. Use hair cap to protect your hair from wig uses.
3. Wash your hair cold water(preferred) or luke warm and you can use dry-shampoo spray sparingly and let dry naturally. If your using human hair or proceed hair use protein shampoo (pantene).
4. To much use of Alcohol-base hair products can actually deteriorate the wig fibers especially synthetic wigs.
5. Use your wigs holder/head (after washing), or use the original packaging it came in which usually can be closed with snap-back button to protect and store your hair.


Cheap Wigs FAQ

If your going to buying a cheap wig from a seller online  [i.e. Amazon/ Ebay] just one thing to remember "You get what you pay for." Number two, styling cheap wigs  you might as well have bought a more expensive wig no matter how silky the cheap wig is and the awesome fast shipping. Three, cheap wigs are great for one style if haven't got the memo, "As shown in the picture" but by all means you can always buy more wefts to sew-in to make it fuller. On a personal note, I have bought cheap wigs for the sole purpose to wear it as is, which is most likely down or in a braid for a cosplay so, telling the seller your not happy/ unsatisfied with it defeats the purpose that it was made to be cheap.

Need to revive your wigs:

Other wig hosting sites:


Aliexpress (JP wigs) / (KR wigs)



Colorfulcircle (2-4 wks if you live in the states. . .They distribute funnywig)

Cyberous Wigs/ Cosplay Wigs

Ebay(take about a month)

Epic Wigs (bought 2 make that 3 wigs at AnimeLA and they based in the U.S.)

Geisha Wigs



Hair Brats






Rockstar Wigs





Wig is Fashion



Korea and Japan do not allow international shipments but you can buy threw Personal/Bulk Shopper Service

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