Friday, September 14, 2012

DIASO is Finally in the LA!

You don't know how happy I am to find out that Los Angeles finally gets not just one but two DIASO chain stores also known as the 100 yen store($1.50 store). This store is Daebak. . .Sugoi(cool)! I've been waiting since I found out about this store from vloggers and bloggers who live up North and in Asia. There one in Canada and Sacramento where most of my family lives but there has been a lot deaths in the family so I wasn't focus trying to do shopping spree if you catch drift. My friends always says "California is so lucky, they get everything". . .now I have agree with them and everyone comes her from around world and even out state so, California get influx of different imports let's not leave out New York and Texas. It plain and simple we huge Asian population just check the national census.

  • 1360 West Artesia Boulevard, Gardena, CA
  •  3842 West Sepulveda Boulevard  Torrance, CA 90505

I'm really glad MARUKAI let them to take over the space, but Google has not updated address if you’re trying to go there yourself. Anyways, when I went in my brain went crazy. . .The store was pink all over and is like stepping into a cute Japanese store in Japan. When you walk in guys there a video playing talking about the store history and you  also watch it on the Diaso International Site. And for all you gyaru $4 pack of lashes and $l.50 bottom lashes. They had gems stickers to bedazzled your phone, cute stationary and had jelly watches in all kind of colors and Japanese snacks & treats. I also like fact that they put baskets in middle of the store so didn't have run back up to entrance to get a one. And if don't live near the stores you can order online on the DIASO e-shop.

Daily Breeze also wrote an article on the openings.

Here what I bought. . .

I bought a cleansing foam(middle) it kind of reminded me of To-nya Isofurabon cream and  didn't leave my face really dry like other cleanser. I also bought the infamous carbon mask which I think is similar to Shieldo's carbon mask that use to see on Yesstyle .

Now this isn't from DIASO but I wanted share this with you guys, my friend who is from Hong Kong and goes to school here. I asked her to bring back something from SASA, she was surprised that I knew about the store. She  got me this lip gloss it smell really good and not sticky. 
Thank you Crystal.

And then my mom bought these shoes from AVON and they are very comfy and I don't have heel like these.



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