Tuesday, August 14, 2012

'The Rola!'

The popular TV personality, artist Laura a.k.a Rola the Bengali, Japanese and Russian descent, (as her father is from Bangladesh and her mother is Japanese with a quarter Russian heritage) Vivi x Brigitte model will be releasing her first fashion book titled “THE ROLA!!” on August 23rd.

“THE ROLA!!” will feature Rola’s outfit coordination and interior style. It will also contain messages from comedians and talentos that are close with Rola.

Go to ViVi’s official Twitter account (@vivi_magazine) and retweet the campaign information and 10 winners will receive a copy of the book with Rola’s autograph.

You can preorder it on Amazon. Also check her official blog, Twitter page, and her campaign with Sho-Bi's new cosmetic line Brigitte!



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