Thursday, August 23, 2012

Hope for the best

Hey guys,

Right now I'm on my mom's tabby and my computer pretty much has problem with it. It was working fine when i left to go on vacation . . .when I got back it was making sound that almost made me cry and it had the black screen to white screen of shame. when ever i want to buy a new electronic my computer seem to not like it.I was going give the dell to my mom when I got enough to buy a Mac bc my mom has 12yr old computers, so tabby and playstation r going be my back ups for now. I planing on doing give away this weekend. . .I'll do my best guys. Oh it will take about two weeks to get my computer back from geek squad. I know school started for most of us and tell you guys I was inspireded by the olympics for then give away and I bought some stuff from my trip. One more thing bought ticket to the 2ne1 concert so I'll try to get pictures for you guys.



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