Sunday, May 6, 2012

Pony was Explosive

The “My little pony” event was awesome. There were so many people that day, a mix of the regular Melrose coward and the fans and observe like myself. Even though am kind of new to this type art work, it has huge fan base for teens to all the way up to adults. Sorry guys but grew in the 90's my beloved shows were Sailor moon, Thunder cats, Captain planet, Power puff Girls, and Beves and butthead. People were like "why are you here if you’re not fan of the show so to speak,". . .well I am a fan of Spank!,the art work that Sweet Street creates is kawaii and Nickie Minjia wears the guys(Shojono Tomo) clothes. I pretty much found out about “Spank!” through ToyokoPop News than that's how I found out about Krary Pamyu Pamyu and more about %6 Dokidoki (b/c online they came to the states to shows was only in Northern Califonia.) Anyways you can go to JapanLA, Toy Art Gallery (TAG), and Joyrich will have these ponies for show and merchandise. I waited in line for like hour to see the ponies you'll probably have better luck lol. Also check out the Avengers gallery showing which I forgot to mention which is across the street from Golden Apple Comics.




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