Monday, May 21, 2012

MBC K-POP Live Concert

I was going to drive up there to San Jose to go see this concert because I was trying to get tickets for it but the server crashed but the since they are streaming it on youtube might aswell share it with you guys. I was gonna post it here when I first heard about but news travels fast when it come to Kpop lol. To my international blog viewers here is website to go to to find out what time it will be showing in your country here
(hopefully it won't be blocked which I understand how you guys feel, when I wanna watch something from japan it was usually blocked, I have to wait for someone else to post it.)

The here is video about Live KPOP show hosted by MBC

MBC Korean Music Wave @ 7pm, May 21 in San Francisco (Shoreline Amphitheatre)
Live streaming will be provided on MBC Kpop,

Seeya in streaming land


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